How to Make a Wind Chime from Recycled Objects

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Things You'll Need

  • Various found objects

  • Bells or chimes

  • Flat pendulum

  • Striker

  • 24-gauge wire

  • Glue

  • Drill (optional)

Use recycled objects to make a unique wind chime.
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The green movement has touched many aspects of culture, some as large as constructing more environmentally friendly buildings and some as small as using a reusable tote when grocery shopping. Craft projects can be green as well with an emphasis on "found" object art. You can upcycle your found objects into a one-of-a-kind wind chime by using items that otherwise would be recycled or headed to a landfill.


Step 1

Gather your objects to be recycled into the wind chimes. These can include old flatware, measuring spoons, bottle caps, old keys, shells, buttons or other items that will clank together. Group these items together for a themed wind chime, if you wish, such as all kitchen items, all shells and beach items or all old keys.


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Step 2

Find a large item to use as a top piece to which the chimes will be anchored. An ideal piece would be one with holes, such as a colander, strainer or basket. If the top piece does not have holes, you'll need to drill holes in it or tie the chimes to it for it to be suitable.

Step 3

Select add-on pieces.These should be various smaller objects, recycled or not, that accent the wind chimes. Bells and chimes may be used as add-on pieces, and they make a pleasant sound when they knock into each other.


Step 4

Look for a flat and moderately heavy piece to serve as the pendulum for the wind chimes. This is the part of the chimes that catches the wind and causes the chimes to knock into each other.

Step 5

Assemble the pieces. Cut various lengths of wire with wire cutters. Attach a piece of wire to each of the recycled objects, either by looping through existing holes or by wrapping the wire around the object, and then hang each one from the top piece. If your top piece already has holes, loop the wire through a hole and wrap the free end around several times to secure the object. Drill or pierce holes in the top piece and thread the wire through if the top piece doesn't have existing holes.


Step 6

Cut a piece of wire that's longer than the pieces you previously cut and attach the pendulum to the bottom of the wire. Place an object that will serve as a striker in the middle of the wire. This item can be something similar to a large bead or an empty spool. Adjust the striker so it is at an appropriate height to make contact with the recycled objects. Secure this piece of wire to the top piece so that it dangles in the middle. Attach another piece of wire to the top piece to serve as a hanger.



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