How to Frame a Jersey

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Things You'll Need

  • Mat board

  • Foam core

  • Frame

  • Pencil

  • Metal ruler

  • Glazing

  • Utility knife

  • Epoxy glue

  • Staple gun

  • Staples

  • Tapestry needle

  • Clear nylon thread

  • Acid free tape

  • Craft paper

Encapsulate your achievements with a framed jersey.
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Whether it's a momento from high your school glory days or signed sports memorabilia, sewing a jersey to a mat provides a reversible, archival framing option. This mounting method produces a symmetrical display that preserves the jersey's natural fabric folds. To elevate glazing, line the sides of a deep frame with strips of foam core, topped by matching mat board. This provides a place for glazing to rest and contributes to a boxy, tailored appearance.


Step 1

Lay your jersey on a table. Place a ruler horizontally across the jersey, extending it 2 inches from the left sleeve's outermost edge and ending 2 inches past the right sleeve's outermost edge. Write that measurement down and repeat the process for the vertical dimension.

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Step 2

Lay the mat face down, drawing lines on the back to indicate the frame's inner dimensions. Repeat these steps on the foam core.


Step 3

Position a thick, metal ruler along the lines and use a sharp utility knife to cut through the mat board. Hold the ruler steady, repeatedly scoring -- or lightly cutting -- until the mat board is cut through on all sides. Repeat on the foam core.

Step 4

Center the jersey on top of the mat's front side and thread a tapestry needle without tying a knot. Push the needle up through the back of the mat at the outermost edge of the left sleeve and then push it through the mat's front.


Step 5

Pull the thread gently to avoid puckering and tape the thread securely to the back of the mat, repeating the process on the opposite sleeve. Work your way around the jersey, sewing one side and then the opposite side to maintain symmetry. Place strips of double-sided tape on the foam-core backing and attach the mounted jersey.


Step 6

Cut four strips of mat board and foam core to fit the length of the frame's sides. Make the strips 1/2 inch narrower than the frame's depth to account for the depth of glazing, backing and mat board. Attach the mat and foam-core strips together with double-sided tape.

Step 7

Clean the glazing thoroughly and insert it inside the frame. Place double-sided tape and a small amount of glue on the foam-core side of the strips, attaching them to the frame's inner sides. Insert the mounted jersey facing downward, stapling it into the frame.


Step 8

Attach double-sided tape to the top of the frame's back edges and then place a piece of craft paper on top, trimming the sides with a utility knife. Measure one-third down from the frame's top edge. Bore a hole and attach a screw eye, repeating the process on the other side. Attach heavy, plastic coated wire through the screw eyes.


When gluing strips of mat board to the frame's sides, use a small amount of glue to avoid seepage on the glazing.


When using utility blades to cut mat board, cut slowly to avoid injury.


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