How to Make A Tissue Covered Vase from a Recycled Jar

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Things You'll Need

  • Glass Jar

  • Tissue paper

  • Scissors

  • White craft glue

  • Bowl

  • Water

  • Foam or sponge craft paint brush

Covering a small recycled glass jar with tissue cuttings to make a vase

Recycle some of those old food jars you get by making use of them again and not just throwing them into the recycle bin. Old jars are perfect to make a tissue covered vase with and you don’t even have to go out and buy a vase to make it. This is an easy craft but it does take some time to cover the surface of the jar with the cut tissue paper pieces, especially if a large jar is used. This doesn’t have to be done in one sitting if you have chosen a large piece to cover with tissue.


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Step 1

Wash and dry the jar thoroughly before you begin applying the tissue to the surface of the jar. Make sure you remove the sticky or lumpy glue residue left from any labels. The surface should be clean and smooth.

Step 2

Cut the tissue paper into small pieces. Use whatever colors of tissue paper you like to match décor or a seasonal theme. Make the cuttings simple or detailed. Keep in mind though the more detailed the pieces, the longer the jar will take to cover.

Step 3

Mix some white craft glue and a small amount of water in a small bowl. Just thin the glue enough to make it easy to brush on over the cut tissue pieces like paint. It has to be gluey enough to make the tissue bond to the glass. Only mix what you are going to use at the time, if you are doing a large piece in more than one sitting.


Step 4

Brush the glue and water mixture on one area of the jar at a time. Just do the area you are working on. Then begin placing the cut tissue pieces on the jar. Press them in place by brushing a little of the mixture over them. Continue covering the surface of the jar with the mixture and tissue paper. Don’t go over the lip of the jar. Just cover the outside. Make sure you turn the jar over and cover the bottom too.

Step 5

Brush the whole covered outer surface of the jar with the glue and water mixture. Turn the jar over and leave it to dry completely. After it is dry, come back and do a couple more layers of the glue and water mixture to seal the paper. Let each layer dry.


This is not a waterproof cover, so be careful when you fill the tissue covered vase. You can wipe it off but not immerse it in water to clean if you are using it for real flowers.