How to Make Plastic Canvas Football Helmets

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic canvas sheet

  • Large eyed needle

  • Yarn of team colors

Football fans will enjoy using this plastic canvas piece for a drink coaster, ornament or magnet decoration for the fridge. Make it in your favorite college, NFL or high school team colors. It can be made to sell at a high school team fundraiser or concession booth. Add a key chain or jacket clip for it to be worn at high school games. Display it to show that you support the team the colors represent. Hang it from colorful cording sewn to the back for Christmas ornaments. Make a coaster set for a gift for a family member or friend for those drinks in the family room at game time.


Step 1

Do a search for free coloring pages on the Internet and print off a copy of a helmet outline. Do a separate pattern for the chin strap.

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Step 2

Cut out the shape and trace around it on to a piece of plastic canvas.


Step 3

Cut the helmet shape out of the plastic canvas, being sure to cut off any excess fabric. Cut the chin stap piece separately if desired.


Step 4

Use a continental stitch to fill in the body of the helmet with the main team color. Outline the entire piece with an overcast stitch.


Step 5

Fill in the chin strap with white or other team color.

Step 6

If you have previously cut the strap out as a separate piece, stitch it to the helmet with yarn for a dimensional effect. Embroider team player numbers, initials or the team logo on the side of the helmet if desired.


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