How to Dress Like a Baby for Halloween

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Things You'll Need

  • Adult-sized footed pajamas

  • Sneakers or fluffy slippers

  • White hand towel

  • Scissors

  • Safety pin

  • 1/2 yard of white cotton fabric cut approximately 4 inches wide

  • 3 yards lace trim

  • 2 yard-long lengths of wide ribbon

  • Red blush make-up

  • Eyeliner pencil

  • Pacifier on a length of ribbon

  • Baby bottle

  • Stuffed toy

Going overboard with the baby look may make it more amusing.
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A National Retail Federation survey estimated that the average American would spend an average of $28 on Halloween costumes in 2013. The survey also estimated that around 158 million people would participate in Halloween-themed activities -- adding up to an extortionate amount of money being spent on costumes. If the thought of spending too much money might make you cry, make the tears work for you and dress like a baby.


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Step 1

Fold the hand towel in half using its longest side and lay it flat so that the crease is nearest to you.

Step 2

Create a rounded edge by cutting an arc from the right hand corner to approximately the middle of the farthest edge of the towel. Set the towel aside for the moment.

Step 3

Make the baby hat by laying the 1/2 yard of cotton fabric lengthwise across your head so that it reaches ear to ear. Cut it to size if needed.


Step 4

Sew a frilly lace trim completely around each side then stitch one wide ribbon to each of the shorter ends of the hat as ties.

Step 5

Apply blush to your cheeks and draw a couple of teardrops leading from the outer edges of your eyes with the eyeliner pencil. Add a few freckles to your nose.

Step 6

Put on your footed pajamas and footwear. Open up the hand towel and tie it around your neck as a bib. Alternatively, use the safety pin to fasten it.

Step 7

Place the pacifier around your neck, over the bib. Tie on the hat with a large bow and grab a soft toy.


Look for giant novelty pacifier candies, which are often very colorful; or, as a last resort, use a real baby pacifier. Other oversized items work well too -- for instance, a large stuffed animal or giant baby bottle.
If you are a man with facial hair, leave it, as this will add a more comedic look to the costume. Stay in character and suck on your thumb from time to time.
If you create the garments yourself, make your life easier by selecting fabrics that you do not need to hem, such as felt.


Don't be tempted to forgo footwear unless you are not walking around outside while in costume.


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