How to Play the Halloween Doughnut Game

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Things You'll Need

  • Cotton string

  • Scissors

  • Doughnuts

  • Tree with low branches

  • Stepladder

Halloween is a holiday that involves not only costumes and candy but also parties and games. While most games require time-consuming preparation and sometimes expensive props, the doughnut game is simple to set up, costs little, and is enjoyable for witches and goblins of all ages. Observing the game may be even more fun than playing.


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Step 1

Locate a tree in the party area that has several horizontal branches that are about 5 or 6 feet off the ground. Make sure the ground around the tree is level and has no exposed roots that could cause someone to trip.


Step 2

Thread one end of the string through the center hole in a doughnut, then gently tie it around the outside of the pastry.


Step 3

Hold the string up near a tree branch, allowing the doughnut to dangle down. Climb a stepladder if necessary to adjust and tie the strings. Estimate the height of the faces of the participants, then tie the string around the branch so that the doughnut will hang at the proper height. Hang more doughnuts, each about 2 to 3 feet apart on several branches, positioning some doughnuts a bit lower and some a bit higher than the first one to accommodate shorter and taller participants.


Step 4

Tell each participant to choose a doughnut that is at a convenient height and to stand beside it. Inform all participants that they must keep their hands behind their backs and at the signal must eat their doughnuts. Explain that when each person has eaten his doughnut, he should raise both hands.


Step 5

Say "Ready, Set, Go!" Watch for the first one to hold both hands in the air, and declare her the winner.


Have the doughnuts already hanging from the tree at the beginning of the party. Glazed doughnuts are less likely to crumble and fall from the tree than cake doughnuts.


While this game could be played indoors, it can be messy and produces lots of sticky crumbs. Ensure that no participant is diabetic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in the doughnuts.