How to Make a Venom Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Unitard

  • Sheer black panty hose

  • Black socks

  • Black gloves

  • White fabric paint

Venom is a symbiotic creature from the Spider-Man series. In the story, the creature surrounded Peter Parker's body, creating a new black suit and an evil persona for Spider-Man. The movie Spider-Man 3 has launched the popularity of Venom to stellar proportions. Fortunately, the Venom Halloween costume is simple and inexpensive to make. To make this costume work, you'll need to be slender with a fairly muscular build.


Step 1

Get a black unitard that covers the neck area. Get some thick black socks and cloth gloves. Also get a pair of sheer black panty hose. Make sure you can see through the panty section of the hose before buying it.

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Step 2

Place some newspaper on a clean work surface. Set the unitard down and stuff the torso with paper or plastic. Get a picture of the Venom spider design that is on the chest of the costume. Draw the design on paper, making sure the design will fit on the leotard. Then cut the design out and use it to carefully mark the design in chalk. Apply white fabric paint to the front of the unitard using the chalk as a guide. Allow it to dry completely, then repeat the design on the back.


Step 3

Cut the legs off the black panty hose. Turn them inside out, then sew the hip area together. Reverse the panty hose so that they're right side out again. Pull the piece over your head and mark where your eyes are in chalk. Stuff it with paper or plastic over the workspace. Mark out where the eyes and mouth will be, taking care to avoid the eye marks you have just made. Paint the smiling mouth with sharp teeth and wing-shaped eyes with white fabric paint. Allow this paint to dry, as well.

Step 4

Wash the unitard and mask by hand to remove any visible chalk marks. Allow the costume to air dry. Hang it over the bathtub or sink to catch any water that drips.


Step 5

Pull on the unitard. Cover your feet with black socks and your hands with black gloves. Tuck them underneath the sleeves and legs of the unitard. Pull the mask over your head and tuck the bottom into the neck of the unitard.


A regular leotard and tights can also be used to create the Venom costume. Shop at thrift stores to get the unitard and accessories for a low price.


Do not attempt to machine wash or dry the costume.