How to Make a Venom Costume

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Venom is big, scary and kind of ugly, so he has all the right qualities for a great and spooky Halloween outfit. You can spend a lot of money buying a costume, or make an easy DIY Venom costume of this dark and frightening Marvel Comics villain.

Homemade Venom Costume

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A careful internet search can reveal many detailed tutorials on how to make a DIY Venom costume. You will need a full, dark black bodysuit that covers your entire body. If it does not cover your hands, get a pair of inexpensive black gloves to wear. Use a hot glue gun or white fabric paint to draw on the veining on the body. You can then spray the veins over randomly with some glossy black spray paint.


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Venom is quite muscular, so you will need to make some fake muscles to wear under the suit. Make cardboard shoulder pads, then cut out pieces of thick foam with scissors and glue them onto the cardboard. This part of the costume should fit under the bodysuit (as long as the latter is big enough). For muscles elsewhere on your body, wear knee pads and elbow pads.


Making Venom's Face

You can use an old black motorcycle helmet for the face (you might be able to find this at a thrift store, if you don't have one at home) and attach pieces of cut-out cardboard to elongate the top and bottom. Cover the helmet with black material, and make teeth from pieces of white foam.


Apply putty to the front opening of the helmet, and then attach teeth to that. Make eyes from white poster board, and use additional black fabric to add shape around them.

Another Homemade Venom Costume

For another DIY Venom costume that can be a bit easier to make, skip the shoulder pad creation. Instead of building a set of cardboard shoulder pads, wear a puffer vest under a black bodysuit and use glow-in-the-dark tape to create a spider shape on the front. Remember to wear black gloves, socks and shoes as well. You can also add some white veins in the same way as described above.


Make Venom masks out of old black ski masks, and attach the white, pointed teeth with fabric glue in the face opening. Cut the eyes from foam or cardboard, and glue them on. If you are not sure exactly what the face looks like, check online for more pix. This character has a different appearance in Minecraft, Little Alchemy and Roblox, so look at the images and pick the one you like best.


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For more authenticity, bring along some homemade Venom slime. To get started, add 1/2cup of clear glue to a large mixing bowl. Add 1 tablespoon each of water, eye contact solution, black acrylic paint and baking soda. Mix well until it is the right slimy consistency, and sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of black glitter. If the mixture is still is too thick, add a little more water until you get the consistency you prefer.



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