How to Make a Kid's Mouse Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Gray hooded sweatshirt

  • Gray sweatpants

  • Gray felt

  • Pink felt

  • Gray tube sock

  • Fiberfill

  • Halloween makeup kit

  • Safety pins

While there are a lot of great children's costumes available in retail stores around Halloween, they never have a huge selection and they can be quite expensive. You can create your own Halloween costume at home for a fraction of the price if you have a little time. With a few simple tools and a little creativity, you can create an adorable mouse costume for your child.


Step 1

Stuff the gray tube sock with fiberfill. You want to stuff it tightly so that you can shape it later. This will be attached with a safety pin or two later, when your child is dressed. You can find fiberfill at your local craft stores and it will cost no more than a couple of dollars.

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Step 2

Cut two gray ears with two pink ear insides out of felt. You can glue the inside pink part onto the grey felt, and then attach them to the hood of the sweatshirt with safety pins. The size of the ears depends on the size of your child. Let the ears dry from the glue for about two hours.

Step 3

Cut a small circle of pink felt for the mouse belly. To be able to reuse the sweatshirt at a later time, attach it with safety pins. This will give the costume the full effect of the mouse costume. Again, the size of the pink circle will depend on the size of your child.

Step 4

Dress your child in their sweatsuit. Once they are dressed, you can attach the tail to the bottom of the costume, and put their hood up with the ears. They can wear any kind of shoe for this costume, and you can use gray felt to cover the shoes to give it the added touch.


Step 5

Add makeup to her face. You can draw black whiskers onto their cheeks, and paint a pink nose on. Make sure to test a small area of skin before applying the makeup, in case of allergies. Once this is complete, they are ready to show off their mouse costume.


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