How to Dress Like Jason Voorhees for Halloween

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Things You'll Need

  • Hockey mask

  • Old brown jacket

  • Black sweater

  • Black shirt

  • Black pants

  • Fake machete

  • Fake blood

Jason Voorhees is an iconic figure who has appeared in a dozen films.

The movie "Friday the 13th" follows a group of young counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, which is famous for a masked madman who terrorizes everyone. That madman is Jason Voorhees, a small boy who drowned in the water, only to come back with a vengeance. His signature hockey mask covers his horrible, disfigured face, but it's usually the weapons in his hand that keep his victims running for their lives.


Step 1

Gather up all of your materials. It is recommended that you do not use any clothing that you are too fond of because they will be abused in the next few steps. You can use clothes that you don't really like anymore or you can purchase used ones from a thrift store.

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Step 2

Dirty up your clothing. Jason is not a clean-cut murderer. His clothes are slightly shredded, dirty and abused. Apply dirt and preferably mud to your jacket, shirt, sweater and pants and rub it in to really stain up your costume materials.


Step 3

Tear up the garments so they look like they have been through the woods around Camp Crystal Lake a few times. If you don't have the brute strength to tear them up, cut holes in the clothes and create rips.

Step 4

Cover a hockey mask with a little bit of dirt and fake blood. If it is too clean and white it won't be as horrifying when you are stalking in the dark.

Step 5

Put on all of your layers of clothing, including your mask. Carry your machete to complete the look.


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