How to Put Up Fake Spiderwebs

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Things You'll Need

  • Fake spiderwebs

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Thumbtacks or staple gun

  • Small plastic spiders (optional)

Few things say "Halloween" like a porch or shrub covered in fake spiderwebs. However, while a well-done web can send shivers up a trick or treater's spine, a sloppily constructed one will look like little more than blobs of cotton on a string. The trick to a well-done spiderweb is to stretch it out as much as possible and secure it properly at several anchor points.


Step 1

Remove the entire spiderweb from the bag. Spread it out to its full length. Stretch it slightly width-wise until the fibers are just beginning to separate.

Step 2

Measure out the length of webbing you would like to use, and cut it away with the scissors. Pull a piece from the web you measured and begin stretching it out, separating the fibers with your fingers until you have a thin veil of webbing with no visible blobs of cotton. The more you stretch it, the more realistic your web will look. Don't worry about making it so thin that no one will be able to see it; you can add more layers later, but once you've tacked it up, it's difficult to take parts of the web away.


Step 3

Spread the webbing over the surface you wish to use and secure it with thumbtacks or a staple gun. Anchor the web at as many points as possible to prevent it from clumping together in the wind.


Step 4

Cut away another length of spiderweb and separate it as you did the first. If your first set of webbing was too thin, layer the new webbing over the old webbing and secure it. Otherwise, cover another area with the spiderweb.


Step 5

Continue putting up thin veils of spiderwebs until you are satisfied with their appearance. If you like, you can add small, lightweight plastic spiders to the webbing. However, heavy spiders will break the fragile webs.


If you put up a section of spider web and find that it is too thick or has cottony blobs, take it down, separate the fibers further and tack it up again.