How to Make a Snowman out of a Washcloth

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Things You'll Need

  • White washcloth

  • Rice

  • 2 rubber bands

  • Black marker

  • Orange marker

  • 2 twigs

  • Red felt

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun or fabric glue

  • Fragrance (optional)

Make a Snowman out of a Washcloth

There are many ways to create a snowman. If you are looking for a new and different way, consider this snowman made out of a washcloth. Use it as a decoration in your bathroom. Add a wintertime fragrance to it, such as cinnamon or evergreen, to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Your children can make a washcloth snowman just for the fun of squeezing it.


Step 1

Lay washcloth out and add rice in the middle of it. Don't add too much because you are going to need to add more later to create the head.

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Step 2

Bring all sides of the washcloth up and tie a rubber band around it to keep the bottom of the snowman in place.


Step 3

Add more rice to the top half of the snowman, which should be slightly smaller than the first half.

Step 4

Wrap a rubber band around the tip of the top of the washcloth when you bring it up and around the rice. You now have the base of your snowman. Don't worry about the rubber bands because you won't see them when you are done.


Step 5

Draw your snowman's face with markers. Draw an orange carrot nose and black coal eyes, mouth and belly buttons.

Step 6

Cut out a piece of red felt in the shape of a long, thin rectangle. This is your scarf. Fray the edges with scissors and wrap the scarf around the snowman. Tie in place.


Step 7

Cut out a hat shape from the red felt and glue it to the top of the snowman's head. This covers the rubber band.

Step 8

Find 2 small twigs outside and glue one to each snowman. Glue part of it coming out of the back of the snowman and leave the rest hanging out.

Step 9

Cut out 2 mitten shapes from the red felt. Glue them to the ends of the twigs.


Add your favorite fragrance by placing a few drops from your fragrance bottle on the rice. Do this before you wrap the rice up in the washcloth. Give your snowman some red cheeks with a red marker. Make a broom out of brown felt or twigs and glue in the hand of one of the mittens.


Only older children should use a hot glue gun. Even then, this part of the craft should be supervised by an adult.


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