How to Create a Prince Eric Costume

Things You'll Need

  • White shirt

  • Blue pants

  • Thick red belt

  • Black boots

Prince Eric is the love of Ariel's life in Disney's "The Little Mermaid." He is a far more compassionate character than the prince of the original tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Eric and Ariel are meant to be together, and they do what it takes to make that happen. Although they have to fight Ursula, a muted bargain and Ariel's firm--yet compassionate--father, they live happily ever after. That doesn't mean adventure isn't had along the way. Prince Eric loves the sea and its adventure. Be daring in spirit if you want to don a Prince Eric costume for the night.

Step 1

Style your hair short and neat. Comb any loose hairs back. Put a light gel in to keep your hair somewhat in place. Eric's hair does get messed up from the wind and the water that he is often exploring, but he tries to keep it together.

Step 2

Put on a white, flowing shirt. It should be a button-down shirt. The sleeves should be puffed. The material of the shirt should be sheer and light. No, prince Eric doesn't wear your average prince costume. The collar should be kept mostly open, down to where the chest begins. Roll the sleeves up about a quarter of the way up your arm.

Step 3

Put on blue pants. Blue jeans will do, but a regular pair of blue cotton pants is best. You can roll up the pants up a couple of times to your mid-calf.

Step 4

Wear a very wide and thick red belt.

Step 5

Put on a pair of black boots. Although Eric's footwear does change during the film, black boots are a signature style for him.

Step 6

Carry props that are special for the movie. A fork for Ariel to re-name, a frog statue representing "Kiss The Girl" or the pitchfork from Triton are just some ideas. Use your imagination to bring the Prince Eric character alive in you.


Visit Copenhagen harbor if you are a true fan of "The Little Mermaid." You'll find a very cool statue there located in Churchill Park. It's quite famous and loved by those who love classic fairy tales and fans of the Disney movie as well!