How to Create a Mildred Hubble Costume

"The Worst Witch" video cover featuring Fairuza Balk as Mildred Hubble
"The Worst Witch" video cover featuring Fairuza Balk as Mildred Hubble (Image: VHS art cover)

Mildred Hubble was called the worst witch in her entire school, a school for witches. Before there was Harry Potter, Mildred Hubble was created by Jill Murphy. Mildred is the hero of stories about her adventures at a boarding school for witches called Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. "The Worst Witch" features Mildred as the main character. It was a book, a movie and a television show. Fairuza Balk memorably played Mildred in the feature film version.

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Put on a long, dark wig if your hair isn't naturally so. Mildred wore her brunette hair long and uncut. Part the hair exactly down the middle. Pull each side into a tight, long braid. Finish off with Halloween-colored ribbons.

Wear an orange, button-down shirt. Think school uniform style, but obtain it in orange. Miss Cackle's school colors were also Halloween's traditional colors.

Put on a black jumper over the orange shirt. Mildred usually didn't look completely put together, but she always wore the uniform basics.

Pull a black tie over your neck. Place it securely under the collar of the orange shirt. Tuck the tie into the black jumper.

Put on a pair of bright orange knee socks. Yes, you get the idea. It's a radical version of the traditional school uniform. Miss Cackle's is a very respectable witch institution after all.

Put on a pair of black Mary Jane shoes or black uniform shoes. You have a bit of freedom here. it should simply be a pair of black school shoes that can complement the uniform look.

Put on a patch or pin on your black jumper. It should be in the top left corner above the chest. The pin should be the outline of a witch flying over a Harvest moon. If you cannot find this, a simple witch or Halloween pin can be used as a substitution.

Grab a broom and a plush kitty cat to play the part of Tabby, Mildred's little kitten. Mildred often practices flying on her broom. Bring this prop along for an authentic Mildred look.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch the movie starring Fairuza Balk before trying to wear this costume. She played the character with sincerity and spunk, and she put a fun, fresh spin on the bravely daring adventurer of a witch that Mildred truly is.
  • Don't pick on Harry Potter as a part of the costume. It's a whole different sort of story. Although Mildred was first, Harry is a special character in his own right.
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