How to Create a Mildred Hubble Costume

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"The Worst Witch" video cover featuring Fairuza Balk as Mildred Hubble

Mildred Hubble was called the worst witch in her entire school, a school for witches. Before there was Harry Potter, Mildred Hubble was created by Jill Murphy. Mildred is the hero of stories about her adventures at a boarding school for witches called Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. "The Worst Witch" features Mildred as the main character. It was a book, a movie and a television show. Fairuza Balk memorably played Mildred in the feature film version.


Step 1

Put on a long, dark wig if your hair isn't naturally so. Mildred wore her brunette hair long and uncut. Part the hair exactly down the middle. Pull each side into a tight, long braid. Finish off with Halloween-colored ribbons.

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Step 2

Wear an orange, button-down shirt. Think school uniform style, but obtain it in orange. Miss Cackle's school colors were also Halloween's traditional colors.

Step 3

Put on a black jumper over the orange shirt. Mildred usually didn't look completely put together, but she always wore the uniform basics.

Step 4

Pull a black tie over your neck. Place it securely under the collar of the orange shirt. Tuck the tie into the black jumper.


Step 5

Put on a pair of bright orange knee socks. Yes, you get the idea. It's a radical version of the traditional school uniform. Miss Cackle's is a very respectable witch institution after all.

Step 6

Put on a pair of black Mary Jane shoes or black uniform shoes. You have a bit of freedom here. it should simply be a pair of black school shoes that can complement the uniform look.


Step 7

Put on a patch or pin on your black jumper. It should be in the top left corner above the chest. The pin should be the outline of a witch flying over a Harvest moon. If you cannot find this, a simple witch or Halloween pin can be used as a substitution.

Step 8

Grab a broom and a plush kitty cat to play the part of Tabby, Mildred's little kitten. Mildred often practices flying on her broom. Bring this prop along for an authentic Mildred look.


Watch the movie starring Fairuza Balk before trying to wear this costume. She played the character with sincerity and spunk, and she put a fun, fresh spin on the bravely daring adventurer of a witch that Mildred truly is.


Don't pick on Harry Potter as a part of the costume. It's a whole different sort of story. Although Mildred was first, Harry is a special character in his own right.

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