How to Create a Vampire Costume From the Film 'Lost Boys'

"The Lost Boys" is a classic vampire movie, and in the years since its release, more and more people are discovering the fun to be had in dressing up like a "lost boy" for Halloween. After all, the movie's tag line was "Party all night, sleep all day... it's fun to be a vampire." To dress up like one of the super-sexy vampires from "The Lost Boys," you'll need a few basic things for your costume.

How to Create a Vampire Costume From the Film 'Lost Boys'

Step 1

The first thing you'll want to get is a good set of choppers. Remember how scary Kiefer Sutherland looked when he bared his fangs in the movie? A reliable set of vampire teeth is crucial. Not only do they need to look good, they need to be comfortable. Most Halloween supply stores have vampire fangs in stock. Try to find a pair that molds to the shape of your mouth. These are a little more expensive than the plastic ones that are all the same, but your gums and lips will thank you later for spending the extra money.

Step 2

The next thing you'll need is cool hair and makeup. If your hair is shorter, get some styling putty and spike it. If you have long hair, sweep it back off your face, and feather it over the ears. Remember, "The Lost Boys" came out in the eighties, so big hair was super-popular! For makeup, add a layer of white foundation; vampires don't get out in the sun very often.

Step 3

Smudge a bit of gray or green under the cheekbones to make your face look gaunt, and under the eyes for a corpse-like appearance. Dust a bit of white cosmetic powder over your face for a matte appearance so your skin isn't too shiny. If you're non-Caucasian, you can still be pale and vampiric. Just use a makeup foundation a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Step 4

A bit of dark eyeliner adds some depth to the eyes, and if you've got the budget, consider investing in a pair of red contact lenses. You can usually find these at Halloween supply stores for a reasonable price, and they really do add that frightening look that Sutherland and his gang had in the movie!

Step 5

Finally, think about what you're going to wear. Alex Winters and Kiefer Sutherland both wore long dusters in the film, and there was a feral, motorcycle-gang kind of look to the vampires of "The Lost Boys". Wear dark jeans, black t-shirts, biker boots, and even bandannas. If you're female, remember that Star, the head vampire's non-vamp girlfriend dressed in long skirts, gauzy shawls and scarves. Want to look extra-cool? Sport a pair of dark glasses, even at night.


For a bonus "Lost Boys" look, try finding vintage eighties metal-band t-shirts to wear!