How to Create a Ghostbusters Costume

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Who ya gonna call? No one—because you can make your own ‌Ghostbusters‌ costume and customize it to your liking rather than buying some generic version of it at a Halloween costume shop. A DIY ‌Ghostbusters‌ costume is the perfect project when you have enough time to source all the materials before an epic cosplay event.


Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Options

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A jumpsuit is the starting point for any ‌Ghostbusters‌ uniform Halloween costume. The original ghostbusters in the first movie wore rather loose, military-spec jumpsuits or flight suits in a light brown shade, specifically Pantone 727 C.

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1. Find a jumpsuit

Check Amazon for jumpsuits or flight suits in anything from light gray to tan, charcoal gray or even navy blue, as the color of the jumpsuits varied a bit in different films and in some promotional photos. Choose a size slightly larger than you think you'll need, as the pant legs tuck into jump boots or combat boots. If you can't find a jumpsuit, similar-looking coveralls get the job done and might help you stay warm for an outdoor event.


2. Add or make patches

The flight suit also needs a name patch and a no-ghost patch featuring the classic ‌Ghostbusters‌ ghost logo in a red circle with a diagonal line through it. The name patch should be black with red letters, spelling out "Spengler," another ‌Ghostbuster‌ name or your own last name. Simple DIY iron-on patches can be printed at home with iron-on printer paper. The name tag goes on the left breast of the uniform, while the no-ghost logo goes on the right sleeve.


3. Add a utility belt, gloves, and elbow pads

Purchase a military webbing belt or utility belt in light gray to go over the jumpsuit. You'll also need long black chemical gloves, some gray elbow pads and a black T-shirt to wear with the ‌Ghostbusters‌ uniform. Feel free to spray paint either the elbow pads or the belt if you can't find them in the right color.


4. Make ecto goggles

Turn welder's goggles into ecto goggles using hot glue to attach microscope or telescope lenses or pieces of PVC tubing painted black over the front of each eye area to recreate the look. Study screen shots from the ‌Ghostbusters‌ movie to get as detailed as you'd like with the ecto goggles and the other basic accessories.


Additional Ghostbusters Costume Elements

If you have the time and the means to get even more detailed with the ‌Ghostbusters‌ uniform and typical ghost-busting accessories, go for it.


1. Make a key fob

Add key fobs to your belt by taking two discount-store dog leashes and removing one from the leash, clipping it onto the one still on a leash. Cut that leash and fold it over to make a loop several inches long or long enough to slide over the utility belt. Hot glue the leash to itself to complete the loop and then add it to the belt to the right of the buckle.


2. Add vinyl tubing

A 5-foot length of 1/2-inch clear or slightly yellowed vinyl tubing is part of the iconic Ghostbusters uniform, attached to an area near the left front pants pocket with some 1/2-inch PVC pipe unions and fittings. Twist the pipe union pieces together through the pant leg so they thread together, with another pipe fitting sticking out on the outside for attaching the vinyl tubing. Wind the other end of the vinyl tubing around the left side of your body and push the end up through the back of the belt so the end is hidden, as in the original movie.


3. Make a belt gizmo

Make a simple belt gizmo by taking the top and the keys off a thrift store calculator, exposing the circuit board. Create a loop on the back of it with another piece of the already cut up dog leash and hot glue. Then, slide the belt gizmo onto the utility belt so the gizmo rests near your left leg, above where the tubing connects to the ‌Ghostbusters‌ uniform.

4. Drag on a fake cigarette

For added effect, walk around with a fake cigarette dangling from your mouth, emulating the look from numerous scenes in the first ‌Ghostbusters‌ movie.



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