How to Host a Bridal Shower Open House

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How to Host a Bridal Shower Open House. An open house bridal shower is a good idea, especially since it accommodates guests dropping in after work or who live a distance away and would otherwise be unable to attend. It also gives you and the bride a chance to relax and visit with guests as they arrive.


Step 1

Send invitations stating that you're giving an open house bridal shower. Indicate the specific time that it will begin and end.

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Step 2

Allow at least 4 hours for the shower. This gives people plenty of time to adjust their schedules to attend and allows the guest of honor plenty of time to visit with each guest.


Step 3

Provide a guest book at the door for people to sign as they enter. You'll also want to designate someone to write down who gave what gift (for the purpose of thank-you notes).

Step 4

Play soft, relaxing music. Arrange seating that encourages people to interact with each other and have the guest of honor in a central position. This gives her the opportunity to visit with all of the new arrivals.


Step 5

Keep the food and drinks simple. Guests will be arriving at different times, and you want to keep everything looking fresh. When you are having an open house, the last guest should feel as welcome as the first.

Step 6

Schedule the gift opening as each guest arrives or at regular intervals throughout the party, rather than one big event at the end of the open house. Guests will usually want to be present when the bride opens their gift. Display the opened gifts so other guests can see them when they arrive.


Step 7

Keep everything cleaned up and fresh throughout the bridal shower. Make regular sweeps to clear dirty dishes and add fresh food and drinks to the serving table. Make sure the guest of honor has the opportunity to thank everyone for coming before they leave the open house.


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