How to Honor High School Graduation Traditions

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Things You'll Need

  • Graduation ring

  • Yearbook

How to Honor High School Graduation Traditions. The first fundamental achievement of any child in education is receiving a high school diploma. The process of finishing 4 years of school while turning into a young adult makes high school graduation an important rite of passage. You should honor high school graduation traditions to help your graduate move on to the next part of his life.


Step 1

Establish a rotation of relatives and friends who want to take pictures with your high school graduate. Most graduates have to endure the tradition of taking dozens of pictures before they can enjoy their parties. You can honor your graduate's wishes and this tradition with a pre-determined order for pictures.


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Step 2

Host a graduation party to honor a contemporary tradition for high school graduates. This party should feature your graduate's favorite food as well as plenty of activities to celebrate this educational achievement.

Step 3

Help your graduate wear the cap and gown properly to observe the traditions of high school graduation. The cap's top should be parallel to the ground and the gown should be worn evenly on both shoulders.


Step 4

Open your graduate's yearbook to give guests an opportunity to write messages and sign their names. Ask your graduate to save space on one side of the book for visitors in the days following commencement.

Step 5

Purchase a graduation ring to maintain the sanctity of a long-lasting high school tradition. Supply your graduate with the funds to buy the ring through school and present the ring after the diploma is presented.


Step 6

Decorate a high school graduate's cap with a special message to set him apart from the rest of the class. Colored tape and a photo can be used on the top of the cap for a memorable ceremony.

Step 7

Attend a religious ceremony to maintain the traditions of a private high school. Schools with religious missions conduct services around commencement to help families celebrate their faith along with a student's achievements.


Step 8

Assist your graduate with a graduation speech if she places at the top of her graduating class. Most schools have started allowing students beyond the valedictorian spot to speak as a way to encourage diverse viewpoints.


Buy a large gift to honor the graduation tradition of helping a high school student adjust to college life. A gift certificate to a furniture store, a new television or a set of kitchen utensils are good gifts for students leaving home.


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