How to Make a Witch's Nose for a Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Witch Costume

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Green Acrylic Paints

  • Masking Tape

  • Face Paints

  • Elastic Strands

How to Make a Witch's Nose. Spice up your witch costume with this green nose.

Step 1

Gather your supplies: aluminum foil, masking tape, an elastic strand and green paint.

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Step 2

Mold the aluminum foil into a long, crooked nose.


Step 3

Make sure it fits snugly over the nose of the person wearing it.

Step 4

Cover the nose with masking tape.

Step 5

Paint the tape green.


Step 6

Staple an elastic band to the nose so that it can be worn as a mask.


Add an ugly wart by sticking a thumbtack painted brown onto the bridge of the nose.