How to Dress for a Sweet Sixteen Party

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How to Dress for a Sweet Sixteen Party. Whether you need to dress to the nines or pick out the perfect laid-back ensemble, how you dress for your friend's sweet sixteen party is both a reflection on yourself and the honoree. It's important to take cues from your hostess when selecting your attire. Dress for the spirit of the occasion and you won't go wrong.


Step 1

Read the invitation. Many invitations will include instructions on the kind of attire expected for the event.

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Step 2

Expect to don your black tie and tails or a floor-length gown if you are invited to a "black tie" sweet sixteen party.


Step 3

Rent a tuxedo or select a knee-length or below formal dress for a party where formal attire is requested. Though not as formal as a black tie affair, formal attire is typically required for evening dinner and dance parties.

Step 4

Dress a little less formally for an event where cocktail attire is requested. For girls, this means a cocktail or knee-length formal dress and for guys, a suit and tie is generally required.


Step 5

Take your cue for dressing for the event from the hours in which the party is held. If you are invited to an afternoon clam bake on the beach, you can feel safe in wearing casual beach attire, while you should leave your jeans in the closet if you are attending an evening event.

Step 6

Dress for the theme of the party. Popular sweet sixteen party themes might include 1970s disco parties or even a Renaissance-inspired feast. Renting an appropriate costume will help you make the most of the event.


Step 7

Wear something that will make it easy to participate in the fun activities your hostess has planned for her sweet sixteen. If you're invited to a pool party and barbecue, be sure to pack extra dry clothes and a bathing suit you feel comfortable being seen in.

Step 8

Talk to the hostess of the sweet sixteen party if you are unsure of what to wear. Most hostesses will want their guests to feel comfortable in what they wear and will be eager to advise you on the appropriate attire for their events.


Rent your tuxedo early if you will be attending a formal party around prom or homecoming time. Many tuxedo shops may be booked solid, leaving you with little selection if you don't reserve your tux early.


Don't try to upstage the birthday girl when you attend a sweet sixteen party. Remember that this is her day or night to shine.

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