How to Dress Like Dwight Schrute

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How to Dress Like Dwight Schrute. Who is Dwight Schrute? The annoying paragon off office power in NBC's "The Office" is played by Rainn Wilson, and provides a much-needed antagonist foil to Steve Carrell's character, psycho-boss Michael Scott. Although Dwight Schrute is often unpredictable in the office, but his wardrobe has a certain continuity: for a would-be imitator, a few easy tips will approximate the "Dwight Schrute" look.


Step 1

Get bargain basement suits and ties. A farmer turned corporate, Dwight relies on the pragmatic fashions of white-collar thrift; his jackets and neckties are drab vintage.

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Step 2

Get a mediocre pair of glasses. No Versace frames for this four-eyed crusader; Schrute storms around the office in discount eyewear, and though his glasses are forgettable, he wouldn't be the same character without them.


Step 3

Don't skimp on the earth tones. Though his browns and greens are often in strange, garishly muted shades, Dwight has a fondness for arranging them in unappealing combinations. Try an olive shirt with a soil-colored tie, or a lime jacket and tan shirt for a Schrutian effect.

Step 4

Wear vintage dress slacks, not jeans. The Schrute sense of the frugally formal is unmistakable: the best Schrute-type apparel is straight from the racks of the local Salvation Army.


Step 5

Wear in the shoes. It wouldn't be very Schrute to show up in a gleaming pair of wing-tips (although again, he can be unpredictable). Also, the only reason Dwight would wear sneakers is to participate in some aggressive campaign of physical prowess, the kind of thing he likes to describe while pinning bystanders with his piercing glare and a narcissist sneer on his face. The shoes, like everything else, should be old and well-used.


Don't forget the Dwight Schrute hairstyle. It's a slicked-down side-comb, complete with runaway sideburns neatly clipped below the ear. Dwight frequently parts his hair in the middle for an inverted widow's peak; alternately, strands hang into his face.



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