How to Make a Conehead Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard

  • Tape

  • Paper mache paste

  • Newspaper

  • Paint

How to Make a Conehead Costume. The Coneheads, a couple of aliens who try to blend in as Earthlings, are some of the most famous characters to come out of Saturday Night Live. They have an interesting look that can't be denied. For an instantly recognizable costume, find a buddy, make a couple of cones and go as the Coneheads to your next costume party.


Step 1

Fashion a cone for your head. This is the most important part of your costume, so make sure you make it look good.

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Step 2

Buy some heavy duty cardboard from the craft store. Fold it in a cone shape and tape it so it stays in the shape you want it.

Step 3

Make paper mache paste. You can use three parts white glue to one part water or boil one part flour to five parts water. You can also simply stir equal amounts of flour and water together.


Step 4

Tear your newspaper into long, skinny strips. Saturate the strips of newspaper in the paper mache paste and stick it to the cardboard cone you made. Make sure it stays smooth so it's easier to paint.

Step 5

Let the cone dry and then paint it so it matches your skin color.

Step 6

Put together the rest of your costume. You can wear a long shiny coat or cape to stand out more or you can wear your normal clothes like any Conehead would do on Earth.


If you don't want to go through all the trouble of making a paper mache cardboard cone, buy a small traffic cone. Cut off the square base, paint it to match your skin color and plop it on your head. It might fall off pretty easily, though, so be careful.