How to Make a Conehead Costume

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The Coneheads, a family of aliens who try their best to blend in as Earthlings, are some of the most familiar characters to come out of ‌Saturday Night Live‌. They have an interesting look that can't be denied. More than 40 years later, people still appreciate the comedic genius of Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman, who played them on TV.


For an instantly recognizable DIY costume this year, consider finding two family members or friends, making several cone hats, and going as the well-known SNL coneheads to your next Halloween party.

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Things You'll Need

  • Heavy-duty cardboard

  • Tape

  • Paper-mache paste

  • Newspaper

  • Paint

How to Make a Conehead Costume

Coming up with group Halloween costumes that everyone can agree on can be tricky. People tend to get excited about finding their own inspiration for homemade costumes that they'll love. However, once someone comes up with the perfect group Halloween costume idea, everyone realizes that it's way more fun than having each person dress up as something entirely unrelated.

Discovering how to make a conehead costume this year is the perfect opportunity for your family members or friends to make DIY Halloween costumes together, stand out among the rest, and enjoy some Halloween fun.

Obtain heavy-duty cardboard

Buy some heavy-duty cardboard from the craft store or disassemble a sturdy box you already have at home.



To keep the shape of the conehead cap looking amazing all night long, avoid using thin, bent or damaged cardboard for this project. Heavy-duty cardboard is key to making this homemade costume work.

Fold the cone hat

Take the heavy-duty cardboard and fold it into a cone hat that fits tightly atop your head. Tape the cone hat together so that it doesn't fall apart as you work.

Mix up paper-mache paste

Mix up some paper-mache paste. You can use three parts white glue to one part water or boil one part flour to five parts water. You can also stir equal amounts of flour and water together.



To make the Connie, Prymaat, and Beldar coneheads craft even easier, you can purchase paper-mache paste at the store.

Tear and apply newspaper strips

Tear your newspaper into long, skinny strips. Saturate the strips of newspaper in the paper-mache paste and stick it to each cardboard cone you made. Make sure it stays smooth so that it's easier to paint.


Let dry and paint

Let the cone dry completely, then paint it in a shade that matches your skin color.

Assemble your costume

Put together the rest of your conehead costume. You can wear a long shiny coat or a cape to stand out even more. You can also wear your regular clothes as any Conehead in disguise would do on Earth.



If you don't want to go through the trouble of making a paper-mache cardboard cone, buy a small traffic cone. Cut off the square base, paint it to match your skin color, and plop it on your head. It might fall off easily, though, so be careful.

You don't have to perform your own skit on a TV show to recreate such a recognizable alien costume. This easy DIY project turns you into a conehead who looks so cool you just might win a Halloween costume contest while you're at it. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, these conehead costumes also look great for trick-or-treating.



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