How to Make Blue Man Group Costumes

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You can make a Blue Man group costume.

Dressing up in a Blue Man Halloween costume is a fun way to express your musical as well as artistic inclinations. Whether you are heading out to a costume party or kicking it with two of your friends to make a Blue Man trio, blue, blue and even more blue is the order of the day. Don't forget your personal take on their instruments. Carry your creations along as you collect admiring looks and hopefully plenty of treats.


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In the Beginning

The award-winning Blue Man Group began in 1987 when friends Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton wore blue masks in the first of a series of bizarre street processions, called "creative disturbances," on the streets of New York. The Blue Men progressed to small shows and then to the Astor Place Theatre in 1991. Purchased by Cirque du Soleil in 2017, the Blue Man Group continues in a variety of appearances, performances and tours as well as the release of several albums.


Blue Man Group Costume

The outfit itself is basic black. Put on a black long-sleeve T-shirt or turtleneck, slacks or black jeans and boots. If you're going out in cold weather, add extra layers of clothing underneath, such as thermal underwear and fleece-lined leggings. Blue disposable gloves match your makeup without smearing blue dye onto everything you touch. A black trench coat, while not exactly canon to the Blue Man mythos, will help keep you warm when the weather is frightful.


Tips for Blue Man Makeup

Blue makeup is essential to the Blue Man Halloween costume. Because the characters are bald and blue, slick down your hair and cover it with a bald cap. Alternatively, while a purist might not approve, you can use spray hair color to tint your hair a bright shade of cerulean blue.


Wash and dry your face in preparation for the makeup. Apply a makeup primer as a base for the blue color. Drape old towels over your shoulders to protect your clothing and put on disposable gloves to avoid blue stains on your hands.

Apply cerulean blue theatrical or Halloween makeup over the bald cap and your face and neck. Use a makeup sponge to apply the color over large areas and a small brush around your lips and eyes. Add blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Brush a translucent powder over everything.


The Musical Instruments

Because your Blue Man Halloween costume is made up of two dark colors – black and blue – take advantage of the group's musical instruments to add light for safety. Put together white 4-inch-diameter PVC pipes, combining fittings and pipes in various lengths to make the musical props. Carry a homemade drum with padded drumsticks.


Don't paint your instruments black or blue; leave them white and add reflective tape to make yourself and your companions visible to headlights. Carry a flashlight or consider wearing a headlamp flashlight to light your way.

Blue Man Group Costume Cautions

Be careful about what you touch while preparing your costume because the blue makeup may stain light-colored fabrics and towels. Put on your clothing first and then do your makeup. In addition, you might be tempted to wear contact lenses sold at Halloween stores but don't do it because they are not safe. Contact lenses must be fitted by your optometrist, or you risk a serious eye infection and blindness.


At the end of the night, peel off the bald cap and discard it in the trash. Leave your gloves on until you're finished washing off your makeup. Use a gentle baby shampoo and lukewarm water to wash your face followed by cold cream and a wet washcloth. Repeat until you've removed all the makeup and then discard the gloves.