How to Make Baby Sock Roses

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Things You'll Need

  • One package of newborn or baby socks

  • Florist tape

  • Florist wire

  • Green stick or stem from artificial flowers

  • Artificial leaves

How to Make Baby Sock Roses. Baby sock roses are easy to make. Since the socks can be worn by the baby once the roses are taken apart, they are practical as well as decorative items. Use sock roses to decorate baby gifts or diaper cakes. Craft them into a corsage or bouquet for a new mother or a boutonnière for the father. Make bouquets for baby shower centerpieces or favors.


Step 1

Purchase newborn or baby socks. Thin socks are the easiest to use. If you want to go with tradition, choose blue socks for a boy and pink socks for a girl--or mix them together with other pastel colors and white.

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Step 2

Place the sock flat, with the toe pointing towards you. Start rolling the sock from the toe until it reaches the heel.

Step 3

Hold the sock firmly so that it does not unravel, and flip the opening of the sock around the rolled sock.


Step 4

Poke a small piece of wire through the bottom of the sock and twist the wire to keep the sock from unrolling. Wrap florists tape around the bottom of the sock to hide the wire.

Step 5

Create a stem. Use a longer piece of wire, a green stick, or artificial flower stems for stems of a bouquet. Use shorter lengths of wire for a corsage. Tape the stem to the bottom of the sock rose with florists tape. Use tape or hot glue to attach artificial leaves to the stem if desired. Now you have made baby sock roses.