How to Decorate a Boat for a Christmas Boat Parade

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How to Decorate a Boat for a Christmas Boat Parade. Many boat owners enjoy participating in a Christmas boat parade. The boat parades at Christmas bring joy to onlookers. With the reflection on the water, Christmas lights have quite an added sparkle. Here are a few tips to help you decorate a boat for a Christmas boat parade.


Step 1

Make a decorating plan for your boat. Decide if there is enough room for a Christmas tree; make sure it doesn't block the captain's view so he can safely navigate. Decide if you can use plug in Christmas lights or if you need battery operated lights. Decide on the type of decorations you want to use. For instance, it may be a themed Christmas boat parade requiring special decorations. Keep in mind that the decorations need to be visible from the shore. Small decorations are difficult to see.

Step 2

Buy only decorations and Christmas lights that are rated for outdoor use. If you are using battery-operated lights, make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand. Be sure to check each string of lights before you hang them. Remember that both sides of the boat will be seen if you are making a circle during the Christmas boat parade. The Christmas tree or Santa Claus on a sleigh should be placed high on the boat and in the center, where it can be seen from both sides.


Step 3

Use rope lights whenever possible on your boat. Rope lights are easier to string and won't get caught on netting or small items. Use bright colored or white lights because the lights will be the background for the rest of your decorations. People watching the boat parade are usually far away and can only see decorations that are brightly lit.

Step 4

Decorate with two or three color combinations only. If you use too many colors, the whole boat will become a blur to the spectators because of the reflection on the water. Place a few more strings of lights to outline the shape of your boat, and the whole decorating scheme will become clear to those viewing the Christmas boat parade. And have fun!