How to Set Up a Christmas Village

How to Set Up a Christmas Village. Christmas comes every year and everyone loves to decorate for it. Christmas villages are a big part of many people's annual decorations. Everyone seems to have one--some elaborate, some simple. If you are planning to use one this year here are some tips on setting up a Christmas village.

Step 1

Find a prominent location to set up the Christmas village. A foyer, window seat or beside the tree are all popular spots. After all, you want to have plenty of room and be able to show the village to its best advantage.

Step 2

Choose tables or a wood board to display the Christmas village. If mounted on a board, you can possibly put it away this way and save time when you set up the Christmas village next year.

Step 3

Make sure it is high enough so small children will not accidentally knock it over and break any of the pieces. You also want to make sure it is secure in its location--no need to worry about it being knocked over.

Step 4

Spread the Christmas village out in the room or your house. Sometimes you have too many items to display in just one spot. Therefore, you can put a few village pieces in various areas of your home. Try to keep pieces together that tell a story. For example, you could have Santa's home and workshop and other pieces belonging in the North Pole all together and items such as stores and neighborhood buildings together.

Step 5

Be sure to have your village set up near electrical outlets. Most village pieces have lights and you want to be able to turn them on to create a more festive picture when the Christmas village is set up.

Step 6

Share stories with you children. You may have many things to say about how you acquired your Christmas village and passing the information on to your children is the best thing you can do. In years to come they will be the ones to carry on the tradition.


It's fun to change the village around each year. Many people get a new piece each year, and you can highlight the new addition. Try to put the village up early as you want to get the maximum time out of having it displayed. Be proud of your work and allow other family members to participate in setting it up--they live with it too.