How to Make a Bull Horn

How to Make a Bull Horn. A bull horn, also known as a megaphone, is used to amplify your voice across the room. It's used at rallies, games and other events in which your voice needs to be projected and heard across a distance. Children also love bull horns because they're fascinated with the change of their voice. Follow these steps to learn how to make an inexpensive bull horn.

Step 1

Find an empty milk container. You can use the full gallon or half gallon size as long as it's plastic and has the handle. This will be your bull horn.

Step 2

Wrap a rubber band around the outside of the container. It should be perfectly even all the way around. This will be your cutting guide for the bull horn, so make sure it's fairly level all the way around the container.

Step 3

Grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut the bottom of the milk container off, all the way around the edge of the rubber band. Be careful as you cut because the scissors can slip easily on the plastic.

Step 4

Decorate the milk container with glitter, sequins, pom-poms or whatever else you can find to make it jazzy. Stick these items on with a hot glue gun so they don't fall off. Make sure an adult uses the hot glue gun.

Step 5

Talk through the spout of the bull horn. Now try talking without it. Notice how your voice is amplified through the bull horn.


This project should be done by the parents. The children can tell you how they want their bull horn to look.


Never let kids cut out the bull horn by themselves. The scissors can slip very easily on the plastic container resulting in a bad cut.