You Won't BeLeaf This TikTok Leaf Art

You'll FALL in love with these colorful leaf art ideas that seamlessly combine nature and creativity.

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Do the bare trees of early winter have you missing fall already? While we're sad to say goodbye to autumn leaves, there's a family-friendly way to repurpose them into colorful art before they disappear entirely. A few brilliant TikTokers put their own imaginative twist on fallen leaf art, leaving us totally inspired. For real: You're gonna fall for these vibrant and creative crafts!


Whether you create a scene or a pattern, a leaf makes for the perfect unexpected canvas.
Image Credit: @harrisonhow/TikTok and @christarijn/TikTok

Video of the Day

The first technique comes from @harrisonhow, who uses a pressed leaf as a canvas. The TikToker took a tree leaf and flattened it between the pages of a book. Once it dried out, they created a beautiful mountain and lake scene. All it took was a single leaf and a couple of markers!


Next up is a leaf art technique from @christarijn that's all about pattern and color. The creator uses a bright blue paint marker to create a spirallike design. We're really digging the contrast between the orange leaf and the vivid blue lines! If you're trying this technique yourself, you might opt to create multiple leaves with unique colors and patterns before displaying them together on a canvas.


The final technique, which comes to us by way of @vinillna on TikTok, uses leaves as stamps. The creator covers leaves in paint before pressing them onto a canvas. @vinillna then adds different colors atop the leaf stamps along with accents like white paint circles. While the creator uses similarly sized leaves, assorted sizes and types of leaves would look just as stunning!


Whether you use leaves as canvases or turn them into stamps for your own art, this seasonal craft is the prettiest way to bid adieu to fall.


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