How to Make a Remus Lupin Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Light brown wig

  • Spray-in gray hair color

  • Black robes

  • Patches

  • Tattered white dress shirt

  • Ragged black pants

  • Shabby black tie

  • Makeup

How to Make a Remus Lupin Costume. As every Harry Potter fan knows, Remus Lupin is a werewolf, bitten by the loathsome Fenrir Greyback when he was a child. Remus is a gifted and extremely clever wizard. Although he is gentle, he has a mischievous streak that was obvious during his time at school. Remus is trustworthy, reliable, selfless, and an important member of the Order of the Phoenix.


Step 1

Find a light brown wig and spray in gray accents or do the same to already light brown hair. Make the hair slightly messy to add to the shabbiness of the costume.

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Step 2

Obtain some black robes. These should be tattered and worn-out-looking because Remus Lupin is known for looking disheveled. Attach some patches and fray the sleeves and hem of the robes to give them that messy look. Wear a tattered white long-sleeved dress shirt and a shabby black tie. The pants should be black and ragged.


Step 3

Put some dark eye shadow under the eyes to give the illusion of tiredness. Remus Lupin also looks gaunt and wan. Add a few scratches to the hands and face because, as a werewolf, Remus would have many cuts. These can be added with makeup.


To make this costume even more fun, get someone to dress up as Nymphadora Tonks.