How to Make a Bellatrix Lestrange Costume

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Bellatrix Lestrange is the cruel and crazed, very unpredictable villain from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Bellatrix is a villain of the darkest variety devoted to Voldemort, and her nasty nature gives her what it takes to be Voldemort's perfect wing-woman. The very simple Bellatrix costume requires only black clothing, untamed hair and a DIY wand.


Bellatrix's Hair

Things You'll Need

  • Curling iron

  • Strong-hold hairspray

  • Hairbrush

  • Bobby pins

Bellatrix Hair Begins With the Curling Iron

Use a curling iron to curl (one-inch wide) sections of hair as close to the root as possible, being careful to not burn scalp. Hold each curl for 10-20 seconds, then spray it with strong-hold hairspray.


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Repeat Step 1 until you have curled all of your hair.

Make It Messy

Using a hairbrush, back comb your hair by pulling out a section of hair, then brushing up from the tip to the root. This creates messy, frizzy hair just like Bellatrix's.


Secure the Sections

Once all the hair is back combed, begin taking sections of hair from the sides of the crown of your head (you'll want to leave face-framing tendrils around the face and neck) . Pin the sections to the top of the head, securing them with bobby pins. Allow the tips of the hair to stick out. Remember that Bellatrix's hair is wild and unruly.



If you have light hair, you can use a temporary black hair spray to color it or purchase a black wig to style.

Finish and Spray

Continue pinning until half the hair is on top of your head and the other half is hanging down. Give hair one final coat of hairspray.

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Bellatrix's Makeup

Things You'll Need

  • Light foundation

  • Wedge sponge

  • Dark green eye shadow and applicator

  • Dark gray eye shadow

  • Pointed crease brush

  • Black eyeliner

  • Black mascara or fake eyelashes

  • Dark red lipstick

Apply the Foundation for Bellatrix Lestrange Makeup

Apply light foundation to your face using a wedge sponge. Bellatrix was locked in Azkaban Prison for years without sunlight, so make your face as pale as you can.


Now the Eye Shadow

Apply dark green eye shadow to eyelids using eye shadow applicator to enhance the Bellatrix Lestrange makeup.


Add Sinister Eye Shadows

Use a pointed crease brush to apply dark gray eye shadow at the lower lash line, as well as in the outer corner of the eye. This will give you that dark sinister Bellatrix look.


Use Black Eyeliner

Apply black eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line, smudging it if desired.

Add the Mascara

Darken your eye lashes by applying a few coats of black mascara or applying fake eyelashes.


The Finishing Touch for Bellatrix Lestrange Makeup

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Apply dark red lipstick to complete the Bellatrix makeup.


Bellatrix's Clothing

Things You'll Need

  • Black dress

  • Black leather corset (optional)

  • Black stiletto boots

Little Black Dress

Search a local thrift store or your closet for a black dress. It is acceptable if the dress is slightly tattered; remember that Bellatrix often looks messy.

Add a Corset

If desired, layer a black leather corset on top of the dress.

Black Stiletto Boots

Wear black stiletto boots to complete the look.


Bellatrix's Wand

Things You'll Need

  • Dowel

  • Ruler

  • Wire cutters

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Brown acrylic paint

  • Hot glue and glue gun

  • Small paintbrushes

  • Acrylic sealant

Measure for the Wand

Measure how long you'd like your wand to be. The wand should be about the length from your elbow to the tips of your fingers.

Snip the Dowel

Use the wire cutters to cut the dowel to this measurement.

Make the Handle

Cut the dowel once again about three inches from the bottom. This portion of the dowel will be the wand handle.

Attach the Handle

Use hot glue to attach the three-inch handle to the dowel, gluing it at a crooked angle. Bellatrix's wand is crooked, so this will give it the right shape.

Reinforce the Bond

Add additional hot glue to the reattached handle section to reinforce it, then add a layer of hot glue to the entire handle. This will make the handle thicker than the rest of the wand. Allow glue to dry.

Paint the Wand

Use the black acrylic paint and small paintbrush to apply one coat of paint around the entire wand handle. Be sure to paint over the glue. Allow the paint to dry.

Use the brown acrylic paint to apply a coat of paint to the rest of the dowel. Allow paint to dry.


If you find that the brown paint is not dark enough, you can add black paint to it to darken the color, then apply an additional coat of paint.

Add the Sealant

When paint is dry, apply an acrylic sealant to the entire wand to prevent the paint from chipping.



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