How to Make A Cardboard Guitar

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Things You'll Need

  • Shoe box, tissue box or other sturdy cardboard box

  • 4 or 5 rubber bands of different sizes

  • A pencil (optional)

  • A paper towel tube (optional)

  • Markers, paint, sequins or other decorative items

How to Make A Cardboard Guitar. Making a guitar from a cardboard box is a fun and easy craft for kids. All you need is a cardboard box of any size, rubber bands of varying sizes and some imagination to create and decorate your own unique guitar. Cardboard box guitars can also be part of a whole craft instrument band or used as props for costumes. Read on to learn more.


Step 1

Locate a cardboard box of any size. You can use a tissue box, a shoe box with the lid taped tightly on or any other good cardboard box.

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Step 2

Cut an oval hole in one of the flat sides of the box (the top of the shoe box works best).

Step 3

Stretch the rubber bands around the box so that they are stretched over the hole. The different-sized rubber bands will produce different notes.

Step 4

To enhance the quality of the sound, place a pencil lengthwise across the box on one side of the hole so that it supports all of the rubber bands and keeps them from actually touching the edges of the hole.


Step 5

Attach a paper towel tube to the top of the box to hold onto if desired.

Step 6

Decorate the box to make your new guitar distinctive and show off your rock star attitude.


Make other instruments to accompany your guitar. Some easy ones include shakers made by putting beans into any kind of container, drums made by placing paper on top of a bowl and securing with a rubber band around the edge and a xylophone made by filling glasses with different amounts of water and tapping them with a spoon. Use your cardboard box guitar as a prop for a rock star or country singer Halloween costume.


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