How to Dress for a Sixties Party: '60s Halloween Costume Ideas

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The wide range of styles from the era can make for several fantastic 1960s costume ideas for your next themed party.

The 1960s as a whole saw many different fashions come and go. From flower-power retro, gogo, and all things groovy to tie-dye, bell-bottom pants, and the natural flower-child looks of Woodstock and the late '60s, it was an iconic and psychedelic time for fashion—and it's a decade that makes for great Halloween costumes.


Finding a costume for a '60s party can be relatively simple. You can always put on a pair of jeans and a tie-dye shirt to transform into the ultimate '60s hippie regardless of gender. However, the wide range of styles from the era can make for several fantastic 1960s costume ideas for your next themed party.


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Go for boho or gogo: the ultimate '60s costumes

Whether you want to take inspiration from the Beatles, prefer to try something super mod or just want to relax as a flower child, loose and comfortable are the keywords for most of the clothing in the late '60s (with the exception of go-go boots).


Long skirts in earthy colors or with patterns, such as flowers and paisley, along with peasant-type blouses will work for women. Caftans with lace-up necks and long sleeves would be appropriate as well. If you prefer a shorter look, a miniskirt is always an option.

For men, vests, T-shirts and jeans, especially in brown or other darker tones, will be fine. Stay away from ties, of course.


Both men and women can wear bell-bottom jeans and T-shirts, and suede and fringed vests are always good for a hippie costume. If you'll be outside, a poncho will keep you warm. Both men and women can wear these.

Slip on some '60s-style shoes and sandals

If you're really going for that hippie chick look, shoes should focus on comfort. Sandals are suitable for both women and men, especially if you're wearing jeans.


  • Ladies.​ For women, boots—especially tall, lace-up boots— are appropriate for costumes with skirts, though sandals are still more than acceptable.
  • Gents.​ Shoes for a man's costume can range from Chelsea-style zip-up boots for a neater look to moccasins for a more natural look.


Try retro hairstyles and hair accessories

For women, a very short pixie cut is on theme, especially if you're aiming for a neater, mid-'60s mod girl look. If you have long hair, either braid it or let it fall straight down, parted in the middle. A hippie wig will help if you have shorter hair and want the long-haired Woodstock look.



For men, hippie costumes require long, floppy hair; now is not the time for hair spray. All genders can adopt the peace-child look with headbands that fit around the head and across the forehead or flowers to tuck behind an ear.

Add retro makeup and costume accessories

The early years of the 1960s were more bold, while the later years were all about the natural look, including minimal makeup.


Make jewelry chunky; go for either geometric and bold or peace-related with peace signs, flowers, stars and moons. Peace symbol necklaces are appropriate for men too. Both men and women can carry props, such as flowers and guitars.

Get cheap costume sunglasses known as granny glasses; these are the round ones that you often see John Lennon wearing in photos.



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