How to Organize a Fall Festival

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How to Organize a Fall Festival. Many organizations plan fall festivals. Some celebrate the end of the harvest, while others, especially church groups, use a fall festival to provide a safe alternative to traditional Halloween trick-or-treating. Whatever the reason for the celebration, with a little bit of planning the festival can be a lot of fun for everyone.


Step 1

Decide whom to invite. For a project like this, the more community involvement you have, the more likely that the event is fun and successful.

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Step 2

Set a location and time. Advertise it. Schools regularly host fall festivals, as do churches. In other communities, the town holds the fall festival in one of the parks. Whatever location you choose, secure a backup location in case of bad weather.

Step 3

Check out any insurance coverage you might need. Also, apply for any legal permits.

Step 4

Enlist volunteers. This is sometimes the trickiest part of the equation. Recruit dependable people for key positions so you don't have to scramble to do their job at the last minute.


Step 5

Arrange for food booths. You might have apple pie stands, pumpkin bread stands and chili booths. Or, you might just decide to have a potluck-type meal where everyone brings a covered dish or two.

Step 6

Decorate your fall festival site. It can be as simple as setting out some pumpkins or more elaborate.


Step 7

Set up games. Carnival-type games, such as cupcake walks and fish ponds, are great for children. Going along with the fall theme, pumpkin carving contests are fun as well.


If your festival is for all age groups, include games for everyone. If the fall festival is a fundraiser, sell tickets that attendees can use at individual game booths.

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