How to Play the Drinking Game Frisknock

Things You'll Need

  • Two 4-foot long poles

  • Two flying discs

  • Beer

How to Play the Drinking Game Frisknock. Frisknock, also known as Beersby, is an outdoor drinking game often played at summertime parties. The game is played using two poles driven into the ground with one empty beer bottle balanced on each. Two teams of two face off and try to knock the other team's bottle off the pole with flying discs. The first team to score 5 points wins.

Setting Up

Step 1

Drive two poles into the ground approximately 30 feet apart. Lengths of PVC pipe work best and can be purchased at your local hardware store. You can also use tiki torches, though they are not as easy to balance the empty bottles on.

Step 2

Balance one empty beer bottle atop each pole.

Step 3

Pick two teams of two and have each team stand on either side of their respective pole.

Drinking and Scoring

Step 1

Hold a beer in one hand at all times during game play. As is the case with most drinking games, violators of this rule will be penalized one drink. Players will also drink once if their team doesn't catch the flying disc, as long as the throw is within a reasonable catching radius.

Step 2

Score 1 point every time a player knocks the bottle off the pole by hitting the pole with the disc. If the opposing team catches the bottle before it hits the ground, the point is nullified; if they don't catch it, each team member must take a drink.

Step 3

Score 3 points every time a player knocks the bottle off of the pole by hitting it directly with the flying disc. Again, if the opposing team catches the bottle before it hits the ground, the point is nullified, but if they don't, each team member must drink three times.

How to Play

Step 1

Start the game with one team member at a time throwing a disc until the first point is scored. The order of turn moves diagonally from team member to team member. It is considered goal tending if a player catches the disc before it passes the pole, and subsequently 1 point is automatically scored for the throwing team.

Step 2

Bring in the second flying disc once the first point is scored. Now one member of each team will throw simultaneously at the opposing team's pole, with all of the previous rules still in effect.

Step 3

Score 5 points to win; however you must win by at least 2 points. And like most drinking games, the losing team must then pound a full beer.


Bring a shovel along if you're planning to play on hard ground that the poles won't easily drive into.


Be aware that occasionally glass bottles will break when they are struck with a Frisbee. Sunglasses or goggles will protect your eyes, or you can substitute the bottles for cans if you are concerned about possible injury. Alcohol poisoning occurs when large quantities of alcoholic beverages are consumed in a short amount of time. Alcohol poisoning can cause a loss of consciousness, restricted breathing, and even death. It is critically important that there be non-participating observers to this game to keep an eye on the participants in the event that one or more begins to show signs of alcohol poisoning. Call 9-1-1 if anyone shows signs of alcohol poisoning. Familiarize yourself with laws pertaining to open containers of alcoholic beverages in public places before playing this game. If you are on public property, it is possible you could be fined or arrested for drinking in public. Don't leave any trash behind. The people who go there to enjoy the spot will appreciate it.