How to Make a Horse Costume for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Felt

  • Foam

  • Visor

  • Yarn

  • Felt glue

  • Black marker

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread

  • Adhesive velcro strips

How to Make a Horse Costume for Kids. Your child comes home and tells you he will be participating in a school play. The part is that of a horse, and your job is to make the costume. Here are some tips that will help you to complete the task. !

Step 1

Purchase a fleece jog set in brown. You will need a pair of pants and a hooded jacket or a pullover sweatshirt your child's usual size.


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Step 2

Purchase felt in the same color as the jog set. Felt is sold at craft stores in 8 x 11 inch sheets. You will need 4 sheets of brown and 2 sheets of black.

Step 3

Wrap the felt around the child's wrist and attach the edges with adhesive velcro. These will be the horse's front legs, so there is no need to cut the felt. You want it to cover the hands and look longer.

Step 4

Cut two 3-inch strips of black felt, and snip out a "V" in the center. Attach the black strip to the bottom of the brown felt with felt glue to be the hooves.

Step 5

Wrap the other two sheets of brown felt around a tennis shoe as a shoe cover. Attach the felt at the back of the shoe with adhesive velcro. Trim the excess felt around the bottom and sides of the shoes. Cut 2 smaller strips of the black felt, and snip a "V" in the center like the hand hooves. Attach the black felt to the brown felt shoe covers with felt glue.


Step 6

Purchase brown foam sheets from a craft store sized larger than the felt sheets. Trace out the shape of one horse head and copy it onto the second, and cut out both shapes. Trace the cut edges with a black, permanent marker, and draw an eye, nose and mouth on the outside of each sheet. Draw on the outside of the sheets as these will be stapled together to display the profile from each side.


Step 7

Attach each side of the horse head to a foam sun visor turned upside down. The visor will be used to support the weight of the horse head on top of your child's head, and it can be removed. Staple the foam horse head to the foam visor on the sides, and staple the front of the horse head together at the nose. Cut a small hole in each side at the back of the head and neck to thread yarn through.


Step 8

Unravel several feet of black yarn, and tie into a knot on one end. Snip various lengths of yarn to make a mane, and attach to the the horse head by stitching with a needle and thread.

Step 9

Stretch out several more feet of black yarn, and tie a scarf or belt around one end into a knot. Snip various lengths of yarn for the horse tail. Tie the scarf or belt around the child's waist and under the brown jacket or hoodie.


Light colored sweatsuits can be dyed to a brown using fabric dye. Dress your child in the jog suit, and transport the pieces to the play. These are easy to put on quickly with the velcro attachments.


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