How to Create a Map for Pub Crawl Participants

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Things You'll Need

  • Addresses of bars on the pub crawl

  • Map to copy or work from

How to Create a Map for Pub Crawl Participants. Since you will be traveling between several bars during your pub crawl, you want to keep everyone on track and together. If you don't, the pub crawl could fizzle as people wander off to other bars. The best way to let everyone know where to go is to create a map for participants.

Create a Pub Crawl Map for Participants

Step 1

Use an actual map to work from when you create your pub crawl map. The directions and scale should be as realistic as possible so participants don't get lost.

Step 2

Consider creating a map using Google maps (see Resources below). You can use the interactive console to add all of the destinations and easily rearrange them into the best order for the pub crawl. You can then print out the map and directions for participants, or just email it to them.

Step 3

Create a map that fits the theme of the pub crawl. Whether it is simply marking the pubs with a thematic shape or creating a map in the shape of something, you can easily make the theme come through.

Step 4

Make the map easy to read with clear, large writing. Remember, participants will be drinking, so the map will need to be read through beer goggles.

Include Extra Information on the Pub Crawl Map

Step 1

Mark public transportation stops along the pub crawl. Include a spot where the designated driver will pick up participants along the route. You could even use a bus or subway map to create your map.

Step 2

Include restaurants that serve quick meals so participants can grab a bite to eat during the pub crawl.

Step 3

Put the schedule of the pub crawl on the side or back of the map. You want people to follow along with the crawl as easily as possible.

Step 4

Consider including a list of phone numbers for car service and local cab companies.

Step 5

Mark ATMs on the map so participants can grab cash along the crawl. Including things like this on the map make the crawl less stressful as the night goes on.


Include phone numbers for each bar on the map in case a participant gets lost. Don't forget to put back up locations for extenuating circumstances, like rain. Let participants know where you'll be at all times during the crawl.