How to Dress for a Murder Mystery Party

Things You'll Need

  • Spare accessories

  • Large basket, coat rack or closet

  • Costume pieces

  • Murder mystery game kit

  • Party invitations

  • Character sheets (provided in your game kit)

How to Dress for a Murder Mystery Party. A lot of the fun of a murder mystery party depends on the involvement of your guests. Get into the spirit of the game by dressing in character and in keeping with the murder mystery's theme.

Encourage Guests to Dress up for a Murder Mystery Party

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the characters and research popular clothing styles from your party's era for costume ideas. Keep in mind any seasonal restrictions (summer cruise, Christmas party).

Step 2

Send out party invitations, being sure to explain the idea of a murder mystery party. Include character information and the era, season and time of day for game play as well as simple costume suggestions.

Step 3

Create a fun, comfortable atmosphere by wearing a costume yourself to put guests at their ease.

Step 4

Select your own costume from clothes you own or can borrow, or purchase a few accessories to add to your costume. If budget is not a problem, buy or rent a full costume from a costume shop or theatrical supply store.

Step 5

Provide accessories, coats, scarves or hats in a basket or other clearly marked area for guests to use.

Dress for a Murder Mystery Party

Step 1

Read your character sheet and any other information provided to you by your host.

Step 2

Visit your library or search online for pictures of period costumes if you are unfamiliar with the era or type or character.

Step 3

Add detail to your costume with props, or incorporate period accessories like headbands, cowboy hats, shawls or gloves.

Step 4

Visit a party supply store for inexpensive costume pieces.

Step 5

Be open minded. Remember that most everyone will be in costume and that dressing up adds to the overall illusion and fun of the game.


Be flexible when it comes to your guest's costumes. Many people may not have time or money for expensive period dress. List costume ideas in your party invitations to help guests dress for their parts. Send invitations (including character sheets) two weeks in advance to allow guests enough time to prepare their costumes. Supply spare costume accessories for unprepared guests, or for disguises or identity changes.


Don't ridicule your guests' costume choices or allow others to do so. Be prepared for guests to be hesitant or adverse to wearing costumes and have a backup plan ready.