How to Build a Display Cabinet

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Things You'll Need

  • Screws or nails

  • Paint or stain

  • Plans for the cabinet

  • Hammer or drill

  • Wood

  • Lighting

  • Glass

  • Sander (optional)

  • Saw

How to Build a Display Cabinet. Do you enjoy collecting items? It's a shame to store them in cardboard boxes in the attic or basement. Why not build a beautiful display cabinet instead? Display cabinets can be quite expensive to purchase, but when you build your own you save a lot of money and still get a great end result.


Step 1

Purchase the plans or blueprints for the display cabinet of your choice.

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Step 2

Purchase wood, molding, lights, paint or stain, and hardware according to your plan's specific directions.

Step 3

Order glass cut to size for the shelves and sides.

Step 4

Cut the top and bottom of your display case from the wood, making grooves to fit the glass.

Step 5

Cut the corner pieces of the display case from wood as well. In the back two pieces, cut two grooves on adjoining sides for the glass. On the front two pieces, cut one groove each for the glass.


Step 6

Stain or paint the wood.

Step 7

Attach the glass for the back and sides to the corner pieces of wood.

Step 8

Attach the brackets to the insides of the wood for the shelves.


Step 9

Attach the top and bottom pieces of wood to the corner piece of wood.

Step 10

Attach the legs.

Step 11

Attach the door piece or pieces of glass to the wood using hinges.


Step 12

Attach the molding according to your specific preferences.

Step 13

Place the shelves inside of the cabinet.

Step 14

Place the lighting appropriately.


LED lights, touch lights and other battery operated lights work well and are a convenient way of highlighting your display cabinet and its contents.


Practice caution when dealing with glass. It is best to wear gloves and eye protection.


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