How to Seal the Exterior of a Sliding Glass Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Razor

  • Weather strips

  • Felt strips

  • Heavy duty stapler

Seal the exterior of a sliding glass door to prevent drafts.

Sealing the exterior of a sliding glass door only requires a few minutes of your time, but it prevents excessive drafts from entering your home, saving money on heating bills throughout the winter. If you feel a draft from your sliding glass door, it means air is slipping through the cracks between the door and doorframe. Sealing the cracks with rubber weather and felt strips is the best way to stop the draft and keep your home warm.


Step 1

Remove the existing weather strip by cutting it at the corner with a razor and pulling it free of the door by hand.

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Step 2

Insert a new weather strip into the weather-strip groove. Push the narrower end of the weather strip inside the groove, so the weather strip catches and holds inside. Continue to install the weather strip all the way around the door.

Step 3

Cut the weather strip at each corner with the razor so it runs the entire length of the doorframe on each side and along the top. Ensure the weather strip meets at each corner, or drafts will run through these gaps.

Step 4

Staple felt strips inside the doorframe with a heavy-duty hand stapler, if the draft persists. Press the felt strips along the length of the doorframe and staple in place every 10 to 12 inches with the staples parallel to the felt strip. The felt compresses and prevents air from slipping through the cracks when the door closes.


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