How to Create a WWF Costume - Mankind

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Things You'll Need

  • Amateur wrestling mask

  • Brown spray paint

  • Leather strap

  • Hot glue gun

  • Silver rivets

  • White dress shirt

  • Neckties

  • Sweatpants

  • Wigs

  • Spray Paints

  • Black lipstick

Mankind is a villainous wrestler who debuted on WWE Raw in April of 1996. He has since built up a very loyal and devout fan base. Dressing up as Mankind will scare almost anybody, with or without his sidekick, Socko. All you need to create this freakish character is a few simple items and a little imagination.


Step 1

Backcomb your hair if it's already long and style it into the messy style of the character. Otherwise, do the same with a wig.

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Step 2

Attach a single leather strap from the top front of the amateur wrestling head gear to the back neck strap using glue. Make sure it allows your long, straggly hair to show.


Step 3

Spray paint the wrestling head gear and strap brown.

Step 4

Glue metal rivets along the strap and around the front of the head gear.

Step 5

Pick out a white dress shirt with short sleeves. Don't tuck it in or iron it, and remember to unbutton the last couple of buttons.


Step 6

Find an ugly brown or solid black necktie and hang it to just above belt level.

Step 7

Wear black or blue sweatpants, but no jeans.

Step 8

Slip on a pair of dirty white sneakers, which make for comfortable trick-or-treating.


Step 9

Apply some black lipstick to your front teeth to make it look like they are missing.

Step 10

Practice the Mankind head tilt and crazy look. Keep your mouth open and your tongue showing.

Step 11

Create Mankind's sidekick, Socko the sock puppet. Take an old, dirty sock, draw on a pair of eyes and a mouth with a black marker, and place it on your right hand. You don't have to practice ventriloquism; just have Socko say "trick or treat." You might even get some extra candy.


For some variation, pick out a necktie with a bunch of yellow smiley faces on it; Mankind has worn this on occasion.


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