How to Make No-Sew Zipper Cases From Plastic Bottles

The new year is a perfect time to get your house organized. That is, however, much easier said than done. Going through the odds and ends that have accumulated in those junk drawers can be a daunting task, to say the least. But, this colorful, no-sew zipper case project could make whipping your workspace into shape much more fun and rewarding. Just think, a nice sealed place to organize all those crayons, rubber bands, paper clips and pens that are cluttering up your space. Plus, you'll know what's inside for easy access. All it takes are a couple of plastic bottles that you were going to throw away anyway, a hot glue gun and a zipper to give your space a fun new lease on life.

(Image: Beth Huntington)
(Image: Beth Huntington)

Things You'll Need

  • 2 clear plastic bottles that are the same size

  • Sharp scissors

  • Zipper that fits around the circumference of your bottle

  • Hot glue gun

(Image: Beth Huntington)

Step 1: Cut bottles

Cut the bottoms off of two plastic bottles with a sharp pair of scissors. Decide what you'll be keeping in your case to determine where to cut the bottles. If you're going to be storing tall items such as pencils or pens, it's a good idea to make the bottom the case taller than the other so the pencils will stay in when the case is open.

(Image: Beth Huntington)

Step 2: Glue one edge of zipper tape

Place the zipper tape inside the top edge of one of the bottles with the zipper pull facing out. Use a hot glue gun to glue it in place. Continue to glue until you get to the end of the zipper.


Be sure to leave at least 1/8 inch from the zipper teeth to the edge of the bottle so the zipper will open smoothly.

(Image: Beth Huntington)

Step 3: Open the zipper tape

Open the zipper tape so you can attach the other bottle section.

(Image: Beth Huntington)

Step 4: Glue the other side of the zipper tape

Attach the other side of the zipper tape inside the second bottle using the hot glue gun. Remember to leave at least a 1/8 inch from edge of the bottle to the zipper teeth.

Step 5: Get organized

Now go ahead and gather up all that stuff scattered around and give them each a special place of their own. You'll be so glad you did.

(Image: Beth Huntington)
(Image: Beth Huntington)