The 12 Best DIY Ways to Organize Your Office Supplies

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The Best Ways to Organize Office Supplies
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Whether you're working from home or at your company's office, having an organized workspace is the key to getting things done. With these cute and functional ways for keeping your office supplies organized, you won't have any excuse to procrastinate by cleaning your desk. Spend an afternoon making one of these fun DIYs and enjoy working a little bit more.

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Modern Desk Organizer
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Modern Desk Organizer

Don't waste time searching for a paper clip, pencil or your scissors. Instead, display them beautifully and within plain sight with a desk organizer. Since you're working with a blank slate (a piece of wood), you can customize the number and size of the nooks to fit your needs.

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Gilded Oyster Shells
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Gilded Oyster Shells

Jewelry, thumbtacks, binder clips — we all have little knickknacks lying around our workspace that need a home. Put those oyster shells from your last beach trip to good use by turning them into organizers.

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How to Make a Desk Magazine Holder
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Desk Magazine Holder

Most of us don't want to throw our favorite magazines away, but there is only so much space on our coffee table to display them. Turn a cereal box into a desk magazine holder instead and show off your favorite covers to spark your creativity.

Oversized Peg Board
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Oversized Peg Board

You'll wonder how you ever lived without a peg board once you make this one. It's a functional and attractive way to display an inspirational poster, stow your scissors or even hang an air plant holder to liven up your deskscape.

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How to Encase Things in Resin
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Personalized Resin Paperweights

It's nice to work near an open window, but not when all of your papers fly away. Encase your old bric-a-brac in resin to give it new life as a paperweight.

How to Decorate Glass Jars With Porcelain Paint Pens
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Decorated Glass Jars

A quick and simple way to easily organize your workspace is to (finally) make a home for all the pens, pencils and markers lying around on your desk. Give new life to old glass jars by turning them into pen holders by decorating them with porcelain paint pens.

Faux Succulent Pen Planter
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Faux Succulent Pen Planter

Add some life to your workspace by adding a succulent to your desk. Since it's a faux succulent, you won't have to worry about watering it, getting it enough sun, or worse, letting it die.

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DIY Etched Glass Jars
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DIY Etched Glass Jars

Keep craft supplies, snacks and more organized in your workspace with a pretty etched and painted jar. It's an easy way to add personality to your desk without much work or money spent.

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Create Your Own Cardboard Box Desk Drawer Organizers
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Cardboard Box Desk Drawer Organizers

Don't let your desk get unruly. Create desk drawer organizers to keep things in their rightful places. You'll find your productivity soar once you're no longer digging through your drawers to find supplies.

How to Make Wire Baskets
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Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are an easy way to keep things that might not have a home all in one place and organized. Making your own wire basket is an easy way to make it the exact size and shape you want to fit your needs.


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