Halloween Food: Alien Baby in a Watermelon Womb

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If Halloween is not the holiday for some pretty wild creativity, I don't know what is. I'm not one for gruesome and gory scenes, but I do love using this holiday as an excuse to get a little out there with decorations and party food.


I'll admit, when I first made this alien baby in a watermelon womb, I thought it was just adorable. Not scary, not weird, and definitely not worthy of warranting the stares and disturbed looks from my friends and coworkers. Let's just say everyone was a little concerned about me after they saw my alien baby during a Halloween creepy foods contest. The side-stares lasted a long time. (See other great creepy food ideas here!)

Regardless, this extraterrestrial treat is sure to wow your guests this year. Luckily, it's very easy to make and requires nothing more than fruit, JELL-O and some candy!


The ultimate eek! factor for your Halloween party: Alien baby in a watermelon womb.
Image Credit: Adam Grossman

Things You'll Need

  • Large watermelon (to comfortably hold two apples within)

  • 2 apples

  • Green or yellow jelly beans

  • 1 package of strawberry JELL-O

  • 1 package of unflavored gelatin

  • Twizzlers

  • Toothpicks

Things you'll need: Watermelon, apples, gelatin and candy.
Image Credit: Adam Grossman

Carve Out The Watermelon

Place your watermelon on the cutting board and trace a large rectangle about two inches from the sides and about one fourth of the way down.


Trace out where you want to cut into the watermelon.
Image Credit: Adam Grossman

Cut along the line at an angle and the top should come right off. Next, scoop out the insides and hollow out the watermelon.

Now you have an empty womb to fill!
Image Credit: Adam Grossman

Make the Baby

Peel the skin off both apples. You are going to use one as the head, and the other as the body. Take the apple that will be the head and carve out two slits for the eyes, nose and mouth. Using toothpicks, take two jelly beans (either green or yellow) and push them into the slits as eyes.


Take the second apple and cut it in half length-wise. Use one half as the body, and with the other half, slice out little arms and legs. Using toothpicks, secure the limbs into the body.

Take the head and body and place them into the hollowed out watermelon. Secure them into the bottom with, you guessed it, more toothpicks!

Using the second half of the apple, cut out arms and legs and attach to the body using toothpicks.
Image Credit: Adam Grossman

Add the Life Source

So far, so cute, right? OK, maybe it's one of those "a face only a mother could love" moments, but I think it's SUPER cute. Those watching may think it's weird and start questioning what goes on in your head at this point, but all doubts will be cast away once you add the umbilical cord. (They'll know with 100% certainty that you are weird.)


Take a thick strand of Twizzlers and connect it using a toothpick from the belly of the apple baby into the wall of the "uterus" (a.k.a. the side of the watermelon).

Insert the apple alien baby into the watermelon. Make sure it's snug!
Image Credit: Adam Grossman

Placenta or JELL-O?

To fill the womb, you'll need to separately make clear, unflavored gelatin and strawberry JELL-O. Follow the instructions on the boxes. Why even bother with the clear gelatin? Since the inside of the watermelon is already red, adding only red JELL-O would make the opacity very dark and hard to see the apple baby inside. And we don't want that!


The red gelatin adds flavor and extra color for a super gross placenta effect.
Image Credit: Adam Grossman

Pour some of the red gelatin mix into the unflavored, clear gelatin mix and stir together. Pour that mixture into the watermelon until it is full.

Refrigerate for about 4 hours, or until the JELL-O completely sets.


Oh, Baby!

How adorable is your new baby? Wait, you also think I'm crazy for thinking it's cute? Well, you aren't the only one.

One alien baby in a watermelon womb up!
Image Credit: Adam Grossman


If the Twizzler umbilical cord dissolved after you added the JELL-O mix, you can always add another one after the JELL-O sets. Take a toothpick and stick it into the side and slowly work in through the hardened JELL-O until the toothpick goes through the apple body. Then take the other end and add it to the inside or top of the watermelon, also securing that into the wall with a toothpick.