29 Super-Creepy Foods Your Halloween Party Needs

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Everything looks better in a Mason jar. Even brains.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Halloween is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to start thinking about decorations, costumes and, of course, food. Don't limit yourself to candy corn and the candy your children receive while trick-or-treating. At this year's Halloween party and Halloween dinner, make some creepy DIY recipes to celebrate the holiday.


This year, impress your guests with disgustingly easy Halloween recipes to get into the spooky Halloween spirit. Don't worry—these tricks and treats are just as tasty as they are disturbing!

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Rosemary's baby Halloween recipe

Rosemary's baby has got nothing on our foodie version.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Who says healthy can't be scary? This Halloween, shock your party guests with this creepy take on a chicken salad. Take a full, cooked chicken and place it on a bed of your favorite lettuce blend. Dress up the chicken with veggies, a stuffed avocado and macaroni that looks like maggots.

Last but not least, add a clean doll's head to the top of the chicken and cover it with your favorite hot sauce. This bloody baby makes the creepiest salad you've ever tried to eat.

Poison candy apples

Candy apples are a classic Halloween must-have for any party.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Play wicked witch and whip up your own batch of poison apples. This classic caramel apple treat can be made by bringing 3 cups sugar, 1 cup water and 1/2 cup light corn syrup to a boil and cooking it until it reaches 290 degrees Fahrenheit (use a candy thermometer).


Stir in 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon extract and 1/8 teaspoon black food coloring and dip the apples in one at a time. All the little kiddies are sure to enjoy their fruit this year...muahaha!

Feasting (on) roaches

Just, no.
Image Credit: Jerri Farris

Impress your thrill-seeking friends with this ​Fear-Factor-​inspired Halloween appetizer. Using pitted dates as the shell, fill each "cockroach" with sweet almonds and arrange them atop an alluring chocolate cream pie. Watch onlookers cringe as the brave few chow down on a delicious roach-covered pie.



Flaky scab jerky

You will never, ever pick at a scab again after seeing this.
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

Beef jerky is a delicious Halloween snack. It also makes great-looking scabs. To create this totally unnerving scene, take some made-for-sushi ginger and place it on a plastic limb as the outer, slightly raw flesh around what's about to be a large, infected wound.


Take strawberry jam (or hot sauce) and use it as glue for the jerky. Be generous, as the oozing "blood" gives it a dramatic effect. The plastic rat and flies chowing down were the only takers at our party.

Aneurysm Halloween cupcakes

This creepy cupcake is surprisingly easy to make.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Take your guests for a flavorful loop with these deceivingly delicious cupcakes. Make a batch of vanilla cupcakes and scoop out a hole from the top. Fill the hole with a dollop of strawberry filling.


Then, turn your traditional buttercream into a brain-colored gray by adding some black food coloring. Make a rounded dome with the first layer of buttercream and use a piping tip to make the squiggly brain details. Watch tasters squeal as they bite into a sweet, bloody center!

Cannibal pudding creepy Halloween recipe

These intestines are sure to make your party guests cringe.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Intestines for dessert? Only on Halloween! Don't be surprised if this treat makes your dinner guests cringe. To make this disgusting delicacy, roll out dough and add chocolate pudding and chocolate chips to the center. Fold the dough so the chocolate is tucked inside and bake for 14 to 16 minutes. To add the fresh-from-the-flesh look, smear some strawberry rhubarb on top and dig in!



Spider sac punch

Raspberry lemon drop with a side of spider eggs, coming right up!
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

Take everyone's favorite tapioca balls and transform them into ready-to-burst spider eggs. Settle them at the bottom of a martini glass and mix up your favorite cocktail (mockatils work too!). You'll never see anyone drink a drink so carefully so as not to disturb the spiders.


The pie from hell

This looks like it's straight out of a scary movie.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Scare the life out of anyone trying to take a bite out of your pumpkin pie. To make this unearthly recipe, knead dough into the shape of a face and bake the bread until it's golden brown. Add texture to the face by adding cracks and bumps while it's still warm enough to mold.

From there, place the face in the center of your mushed-up pumpkin pie. Fill in the empty spaces on the face with pumpkin filling so it looks like it's coming up from the pits of hell, through the pie and directly at your hungry guests! Fill in the eye sockets and mouth with strawberry jam to complete the creepy silhouette.

Brain cupcakes in a jar

Freshness isn't our main concern here.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Zombie hipsters will love this Mason jar Halloween treat! To make these brain cupcakes in a jar, use strawberry cake rounds, seedless strawberry jam and buttercream frosting. This dessert is sure to be a hit for walkers and mortals alike.


Hot dogs or limbs?

This gives the hashtag #Hotdogsorlegs a run for its money!
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

As much as we enjoy a good ol' American hot dog, we have to admit: They make great witch fingers for Halloween platters. Place the cooked hot dogs on a bed of brown sugar and cocoa powder, digging in the base so it looks like the fingers are clawing their way out of the dirt.

You can use a variety of foods for nails, like onions, almond slivers or orange or yellow taffy candy. The kids are sure to get a kick out of this sandbox surprise!

'Til death do us part pudding

So cute we can eat them right up!
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Whip up a deathly adorable scene with these simple-to-make gravesite pudding cups. Use chocolate pudding and crushed chocolate cookies to make the dirt. Make a tombstone by icing a cookie and placing it in the dirt. As for the heads, give them a wrinkly texture by drying the apple slices in the oven. Make two or make 20! Make sure you keep the couples together—'til death do they part!

The gutter rat rack

Edible rats are MUCH cuter than real rats.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Nothing would make your mother scream louder than seeing a rat anywhere in the house, especially on the dinner table! Craft this rotting wasteland by molding mice out of cream cheese and sweetened cocoa powder. Arrange the mice onto a platter of eyeballs made with doughnut holes, Band-Aids made from graham crackers and other "trashy" foods. We can hear the shrieks from here!


Pop goes your brain

Mind. Blown.
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

Staying in for a night of scary movies? That means popcorn, and what better way to enjoy nomming on this staple movie night snack than making it in the shape of brains? Melt 1.5 ounces of butter, browning it just a little. Then add in 3.5 ounces of white chocolate and 7 ounces of marshmallows until they melt together. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and a few drops of red food coloring before adding in the popped popcorn.

Mold two halves of the brain and push them together with a layer of raspberry jam in the middle. The thicker the jam, the better!

Seven-layers dead Halloween party food

Nothing about this dish is creepy until you see the stabbed melon head whose body you just want to eat.
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

Every party can benefit from a delicious seven-layer dip. Add a Halloween spin to yours by making your guests get to the dip through baked barbecue ribs. As ribs do, they are protecting the vital essentials within, so getting through won't be an easy, clean task! Adding a melon head is great for context, but that won't stop your hungry guests from prying away at the bones like animals.

Wicked sick witch

Is this worse because Halloween is during flu season?
Image Credit: Cate Norian

There's nothing gross about guacamole, right? Even if it's coming from a large, green crispy rice nose? Disgust your guests with this sneezy appetizer. Mold a basic crispy rice treat into a nose and place it over a bowl of guacamole and salsa to create a sickening scene. Step up the ick factor by adding in untrimmed nose hairs—aka pieces of dried and burnt ramen noodles—to the snot-colored dip.

Shrunken head cupcakes

Decorating one of these heads is frighteningly fun.
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

If grotesque foods aren't your thing, you can go for totally weird with these shrunken head cupcakes. Bake your favorite vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with eyeball candies, licorice and gel icing. The gooey filling on the inside (a mix of frosting, strawberry preserves and red food coloring) will have unsuspecting guests shrieking!

Silky salmonella spiders

Apparently, Halloween and healthy can go hand in hand.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Trying to maintain your ghoulish figure? Or maybe you're too dead tired to bake? Make this crawly (and healthy) appetizer using hard-boiled eggs and canned olives. Add some hot sauce for an extra touch of creep. Add to the atmosphere of your food table by surrounding the dish with a fake spiderweb.

In the eye of the lychee

Make your guests feel like they are always being watched!
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Lychee, a tropical Chinese fruit, has the perfect consistency, shape and color for tasty dessert eyeballs. Fill them with your favorite red jam and plop in a blueberry for a totally realistic eye. In order to get the veiny look, smear a little of the jam around the outside of the lychee. You won't be able to get the sight out of your head!

The dead affair drink

This gives the saying "what's your poison?" new meaning.
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

Poison and deathly concoctions are romanticized for a reason. Make this not-so-lethal liquid with 2 cups ice, 1 ounce vodka, 1 ounce gin, 1 ounce white rum, 1 ounce white tequila, 1/2 ounce grenadine and 1 ounce cola for a deadly affair. Add dry ice for a truly eerie, romantic sight.

Wet, wiggly worms

Worms have never looked so tasty.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

No one wants to eat worms, right? Wrong. Make this crawly dessert using red-colored gelatin mixed with water and heavy cream. Fill bendy straws with the mixture and let the gelatin set in the straw. Once they've cooled and hardened, run the straws under warm water and gently squeeze the worms onto a plate of crumbled chocolate or sugar cookies.

Graveyard shift brownies

Set up the perfect scene with store-bought goods!
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Grab a tray of brownies and cover them with chocolate graham crackers and green-dyed coconut shavings to create the dirt and grass of your graveyard. Decorate the scene with white-chocolate-covered gravestones, also known as marshmallow pumpkins. Thread yogurt-covered pretzels onto a skewer and top it with a marshmallow head to create a skeleton. Use icing to add some spooky faces and you have your very own graveyard bash!

Rotten love cheesecake

This heart-stopping cheesecake is easier to assemble than it may seem.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

There's nothing rotten about a cheesecake, even if it is topped with Halloween candy, such as gummy worms and chocolate spiders. To make this fall favorite, simply bake your favorite cheesecake in a heart-shaped pan and decorate it using gummy critters. Add cherry pie filling on top for an even creepier effect.

Pick of the litter cake

Gross can be this easy.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

You're going to need a strong stomach and a wicked sense of humor for this cake that looks a bit too much like a real litter box. Simply crumble up cake donuts or cake pops to look like a cat litter box and twist tootsie rolls to resemble...well, you know. Cat lovers, beware!

Fried-up critter snacks

Who knew rats tasted so spicy?
Image Credit: Cate Norian

If it looks like a rat...it might be a jalapeño! These deep-fried critters are nothing more than fried, pretzel-stuffed jalapeño poppers. Add details like a tail with cooked spaghetti. Carefully place the breaded and prepared jalapeños into a heated, oiled pot until they crisp to your satisfaction. The resemblance is uncanny yet completely vegetarian-friendly!

Bowl full of brain

Wiggle the bowl for an even more gruesome effect.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

If you believe the saying "you are what you eat," grab a plate and pile it up with some brain. Pour your favorite red gelatin flavor into a gelatin mold in the shape of a brain (these are sold in most Halloween stores) and let it cool for at least four hours. This classic Halloween dessert is quick, easy and sure to impress.

Bloody Band-Aids

Scrapes and cuts lead to bloody Band-Aids, and nothing screams "gross!" quite like it.
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

It doesn't matter how old we get—the sight of used Band-Aids will always make us cringe. That's why this dish is perfect for your Halloween party. All it takes is some graham crackers, cream cheese and red gel icing to gross out everyone who sees it.

Wide-eyed aliens

One eye or two, it's whatever your scariest alien looks like.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Satisfy your sweet tooth while channeling your inner nerd with these decorated cupcakes. Mix and match your favorite frosting, dyes and candy to make a variety of edible aliens. This makes a perfect Halloween craft for the kids.

Chocolate spider surprise Halloween cookies

Drawing on spider legs with icing is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Image Credit: Dave Johnson

Running low on time? You don't even have to bake these yourself. Buy your favorite chunky chocolate chip cookies and some black gel icing and start decorating. Use the largest chocolate chips on each cookie as the spider's body and draw some legs around it. Partygoers who aren't paying attention will be in for a spooky surprise.

Brownie grave sites

Your tombstones can read Frank N. Stein or Jack O' Lantern for a laugh.
Image Credit: Cate Norian

Time constraints are no excuse for not getting into the Halloween spirit! Brownie squares can be decorated with frosting and cookie tombstones for a quick and scary touch-up. If you're taking these to a party, get creative with the names on the tombstones. Your friends are sure to get a kick while enjoying this deadly delicious treat.

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