How to Eat Dinner Without Using Utensils: 11 Finger-Lickin’ Recipes

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crab legs, turkey burgers and baby back ribs.
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"Finger-licking good" implies a sort of abandon that only comes when you're really into your grub. Holding food in your hands gives you an added layer of satisfaction, a closeness to whatever you're eating, that you simply don't get when you're using a fork and knife. From lobster corn dogs to classic pulled pork sandwiches, we've collected recipes that make utensils superfluous.

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pulled pork sandwiches
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Up Your Sandwich Game With Pulled Pork

Sandwiches are a classic finger food, but as any lunch-sack-touting kid can attest, they can quickly get boring if you don't mix it up. Bring your game up to a whole new level by perfecting a delicious pulled pork recipe. It's a good one to keep in your repertoire — this impresses guests and little ones every time.

garlic sriracha chicken wings
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Satisfy the Sriracha-Lover and the Wings-Lover at Once

We all know someone who loves hot sauce someone else who adores wings. You can satisfy them both by making these tasty garlic sriracha chicken wings. After all, chicken wings are kind of the epitome of finger-licking-good food, and they work well for any low-key occasion — football season or otherwise.

crab legs
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Shatter Your Misconceptions About Shellfish

Crab often falls victim to the misconception that it's incredibly difficult to cook, which leads to fewer people enjoying this finger-food goodness. That's a bummer, because crab is actually quite simple to make at home. Learn how to cook crab legs once and for all: it's a 15-minute recipe that'll have you hand-dipping seafood in melted butter before you know it.

turkey burgers
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There's Never a Bad Time for Turkey Burgers

Craving a burger, but don't want to fire up the grill? No problem: make turkey burgers instead. Here's an easy way to whip up juicy turkey burgers in the oven when it's either too cold or too much of a hassle to go outside. This is a healthier, but just as tasty, alternative to chargrilled hamburgers.

honey stout wings
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Give Your Wings a Honey-Stout Glaze

As previously mentioned, wings are the epitome of finger food. So alongside your new garlic sriracha wings recipe, you'll need this honey-stout chicken wings recipe for a big feast. A side of carrots and celery, and you're all set for a finger-licking wings night.

baby back ribs
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Relish the Lack of Utensils by Devouring Apple Butter Barbecue Sauce

...To be clear, the apple butter barbecue sauce goes on the most decadent and tender baby back ribs you've ever had. But let's just take a moment to appreciate how happy you're going to be that you aren't using utensils when that perfect sauce covers your fingers. Here's how to make the apple butter on those baby back ribs. Yes please.

breakfast pizzas
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Go Ahead and Eat Breakfast for Dinner

We wouldn't forget about everyone's other favorite finger food: pizza. But why not get a little creative with dinner and make a pie that works in the morning, too? Here are a few different ways to make breakfast pizzas so that you can enjoy the best meal of the day finger-food style.

smokey porter molasses chicken skewers
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Put Your Porter to Good Use

The secret ingredient to deliciously moist chicken skewers is a sneaky little meat tenderizer: smokey porter. Use it to make smokey porter molasses chicken skewers, of course. While, technically, you could call the skewer itself a utensil, we threw this tasty recipe into the list because it can still be eaten with your hands (you know you always pull the meat off the skewer and use your fingers, anyway).

fig and prosciutto crostini
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Feast on Bite-Size Appetizers

If you're going to make a meal out of appetizers, it's gotta be all about fig and prosciutto crostini. Sounds like a challenge, but this is the kind of appetizer that you can eat and eat until you're full from so many flavor-packed bites.