Everything You Need to Organize Your Life

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Think about the part of your home that you have no idea how to organize, or that you wish you could keep tidier. That didn't take you long, huh? Everyday life can be so busy that it's easy for organization to fall by the wayside: the clutter piles high, planning for weekly meals is difficult and you can never find something when you need it. But organizing your life is easier than you think. If you use your weekend downtime for DIY streamlining techniques, you'll resolve to never let things get out of control again. Here are 10 projects that will help you get — and stay — organized.


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When You Can’t Find the Oregano...

...rethink your spice drawer. Spend an afternoon putting a drawer organizer together, and you'll always know where to reach when you're spicing up your specialty.


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When Your Pantry is Out of Control...

...tidy up your shelves. Start by pulling out everything from the cabinets, and surveying what's expired and what you don't use. Consider investing in canisters, bins and other organizers to keep all of your shelves spick and span.


When You Never Know What’s for Dinner...

...employ a Rolodex to put all of your recipes in one place. Print out all of your favorite Pinterest recipes, and transfer them to the Rolodex cards. When your recipe file looks so cute, you'll look forward to meal prepping.


When the Fridge is Bursting with Leftovers...

organize it like a closet. Overcrowding the refrigerator usually makes meal planning harder, because you can't see what you already have. When you only make room for necessities and favorites, you won't have to throw out as much.



When the Laundry is on the Floor...

...build a laundry cart. Having a rack for three baskets makes it easy to separate your red t-shirt from your white dress on laundry day. If you really want to stay organized, vow to use the cart daily to keep a dirty clothes pile at bay.


When You Don’t Know What to Wear...

...become a minimalist. Clean out your overflowing closet, only saving similar pieces that you wear constantly. Most importantly, keep and buy clothes that fit you. When you adopt this mindset, coming up with outfit combinations and seasonal shopping gets easier.


When Your Bedroom is the Clutter Zone...

...make a modern nightstand. Carve time out of your busy schedule to build a unit that has surface space for just the essentials. When your nightstand is so pretty, you'll think twice about making it a source for junk.



When You’re Always Looking for a Pen...

...DIY your own desk organizers. Having dedicated places to put your office supplies cuts down on your now-where-did-I-leave-that time. These organizers are so awesome, you won't even believe you made them out of LEGOs and concrete. (Yeah, LEGOs and concrete.)

When You’re Constantly Looking for Your Keys...

...add a key fob. Always being able to spot yours on the kitchen counter or in your purse makes leaving the house or trying to get in the front door so much easier. Plus, personalizing your key ring keeps your friends or family from accidentally taking it.

When the Remote is Nowhere to be Found...

...keep your couch accountable. If you have one centralized place for all of your remotes, you won't lose crucial Netflix time hunting for the controller. Even if you don't always feel like your life is all together, the small, everyday changes you can make with DIY projects will help it feel a whole lot easier.


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