10 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

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Alternative Christmas Trees
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Step outside the box with a creative Christmas tree other than the traditional evergreen. Read on for 10 brilliant ideas for DIY alternative trees that put a spin on decorating for the holidays.

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Copper pipe Christmas tree
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Copper Pipe Christmas Tree

This copper iteration of a Christmas tree is minimal, modern, and plenty festive. It mounts to the wall and pairs great with shades of red and green.

Christmas tree wall hanging
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Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

If you fancy yourself a painter or have always wanted to try, making Christmas decorations is a great excuse to pull out those paints. Click the link for a step-by-step tutorial for a festive evergreen wall hanging.

Boxwood christmas tree
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Boxwood Christmas Tree

For a quick and easy Christmas tree that can also double as a hostess gift, try your hand at making a tree from boxwood hedge clippings. Add ornaments or embellishments to brighten up each branch.

Modern spray-painted Christmas tree
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Modern Spray-Painted Christmas Tree

Move beyond the traditional to something a bit more whimsical. Spray paint is such an easy material to use to add any color you desire to your tree.

Tomato cage light trees
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Tomato Cage Light Tree

Place these elegant ivy trees that resemble Christmas trees all around your home. Illuminated topiaries like these are sure to add holiday cheer to any corner, step, or doorway.

Wood pallet Christmas tree
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Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

If you're looking for a tree you don't have to water, is inexpensive, and can be customized to your liking, this is the Christmas tree for you! Learn how to turn a wood pallet into a holiday tree.

Wooden christmas tree
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Wooden Christmas Tree

Reminiscent of the wooden blocks that many of us played with as children, this tree is made from several pieces of tiered two-by-fours. It can be made in a couple hours, and no pine needles means no messy clean up!

Wire Christmas tree
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Wire Christmas Tree

That pile of extra wire hangers from the dry cleaner can actually be upcycled into a metallic decorative tree. Shiny gold garland and coordinating ornaments put the finishing touches on this space-saving tree.


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