Create a Beautiful Wooden Tree Advent Calendar

Make the countdown to Christmas even more exciting this year with a DIY advent calendar. Spread some cheer by filling each box with a special treat, simple messages or sweet coupons for your kids or loved ones.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Things You'll Need

  • 9 one-by-four planks, 6-feet in length

  • 25 kraft boxes or zinc pails

  • 4 screws

  • 25 chalkboard labels

  • Chalk pen

  • 25 hooks or velcro

  • Miter saw

  • Ruler

  • Ribbon or other items to decorate boxes

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 1

Line up eight planks horizontally with each other. Position the kraft boxes or pails on top of the planks so they form a triangle or "tree" shape. These boxes measure 5 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches high by 2 inches deep, and were placed at approximately a 1/2 inch apart.

Draw a line from the tip of the highest box to the bottom of the lowest box. Draw another line on the other side, making sure you have drawn an equilateral triangle.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 2

Remove the kraft boxes or pails. With a miter saw, cut each plank at a 22 1/2-degree angle, following the pencil line. Then, lay the pieces back down on the ground in a triangle formation.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 3

To hold all of the pieces together, cut two pieces of wood to approximately 2 inches wide by 43 inches tall. Cut the end of one of the pieces in a 45-degree angle and the other piece in a 22 1/2-degree angle.

Place both pieces on top of the triangle. Drill in a screw at the ends of each piece to secure them to the triangle (four screws total).

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 4

Screw in hooks along each plank, spaced approximately 5 1/2 inches apart (the spacing of your hooks will vary depending on the size of the kraft boxes or pails that you use). You will need 25 hooks for each day of the month until Christmas.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 5

Place a chalkboard label on the front of each kraft box or pail, and tie a ribbon around each handle if desired.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 6

Write numbers from one to 25 with chalk or a chalk pen on the labels.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 7

Fill all 25 boxes or pails as desired and hang them on the hooks, starting with the number 25 at the very top and working your way backwards to number one.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Display your advent calendar on a table or mantel, and enjoy your festive countdown to Christmas!

Image Credit: Lucy Akins