Wickedly Gorgeous: Become an Iconic Villain With This Maleficent Makeup Tutorial


Maleficent may be one of the most well-known Disney villains of all time, but the evil queen got a high-fashion makeover earlier this year with the release of the Angelina Jolie-fronted film "Maleficent." This Halloween, you can steal the star's devilishly seductive look for yourself by following this makeup tutorial from Bree Mohler, a special-effects makeup artist at American Haunts' Bennett's Curse in Jessup, Maryland.

Things You'll Need

  • Cheekbone prostheses
  • Spirit Gum adhesive
  • Light or fair (not white) full-coverage foundation
  • Makeup wedges
  • Makeup brushes
  • Contouring brush
  • Taupe face powder
  • White or silver highlighting powder
  • Brown brow pencil or brow powder
  • Smoky eye-shadow palette
  • Blending brush
  • Yellow eyeshadow
  • False eyelashes
  • Liquid black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Red lip liner
  • Red lipstick
  • Face brush
  • Translucent finishing powder

Create the Cheekbones

Step 1

Apply Spirit Gum adhesive onto each cheekbone prosthetic. Let the adhesive dry for a few seconds until tacky to prevent the prosthetic from slipping on your face.

Step 2

Apply a prosthetic to each cheekbone, making sure all edges are smooth and unwrinkled.

Step 3

Let the prostheses dry for at least 2 minutes to ensure they will remain in place.

Accentuate the Cheekbones

Step 1

Apply a layer of foundation over your entire face using the makeup wedges, taking special care to blend makeup over the edges of the prostheses.

Step 2

Use a contouring brush to sweep a dark stroke of taupe powder along the cheekbone, starting at the top of the cheekbone and finishing at the base. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 3

Use a small makeup brush to dust highlighting powder on top of each cheekbone.

Step 4

Contour each side of the nose using taupe powder to create a narrower, sharper look.

Apply Eye Makeup

Step 1

Fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil or brow powder, creating a high, exaggerated arch on each eyebrow.

Step 2

Apply a light eye shadow over the entire eyelid using a smoky eye-shadow palette.

Step 3

Use a blending brush to apply a darker shadow in the crease of each eye, blending out toward the temple.

Step 4

Sweep yellow eye shadow along each brow bone.

Step 5

Line the top lash line with liquid eyeliner, making the line thicker at the end and slightly winged past the natural lash line.

Step 6

Apply a false eyelash to the top of each lash line, following instructions on the eyelash packaging,

Step 7

Apply two coats of black mascara to each eye.

Finish and Set the Look

Step 1

Line and fill in your lips using red lip liner.

Step 2

Apply a saturated coat of red lipstick.

Step 3

Use a face brush to apply a coat of translucent finishing powder to keep makeup in place.


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