Get the Look: Gamora of Guardians of the Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

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Things You'll Need

  • Glue stick

  • Colorless powder

  • Powder brush

  • Face-painting sponge

  • Green and silver body paint

  • Eyeliner brush

  • Crease brush

  • Blending brush

  • Black, red, and purple eye shadow

  • Black eyeliner

  • Cotton swab

  • False eyelashes

  • Dark green eyeliner

  • Angled brush

  • Clear lip gloss

Superheroes and comic book stars may be go-to Halloween costumes for any sci-fi fan, but the recent release of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" means Gamora and the gang will be in especially high demand this October. Make sure your Gamora look is spot-on come Halloween with this makeup tutorial from Caitlin Davis, an Archdale, North Carolina–based makeup artist with the haunted house attraction Kersey Valley Spookywoods.

Prep Your Skin

Step 1

Wash your face with soap and water, being sure to remove all makeup, lotions and oils.

Step 2

Rub the glue stick over each eyebrow and out toward the temple, stopping at your hairline.

Step 3

Smooth glue with fingers and let dry completely. Repeat once more.

Step 4

Use a powder brush to apply a light layer of colorless powder over the glue, which will help your paint and makeup stick.

Paint Your Face and Body

Step 1

Dampen your face-painting sponge and then dip it in green paint. Sponge green paint over your entire face, neck and arms.

Step 2

Let paint dry once you have covered the entire area. Do not go over it with powder.

Step 3

Dip your eyeliner brush into silver body paint while the green paint dries. With the silver, trace slightly jagged lines across the cheekbones, above the inner corners of your eyebrows, and vertically above the middle arch of each eyebrow. Let paint dry.

Add Eye Makeup

Step 1

Apply red eye shadow to the inner corner of each eye with a small crease brush.

Step 2

Apply dark purple eye shadow to the center of each eyelid, extending just past the crease of the eye.

Step 3

Use a blending brush to blend the purple and red eye shadows together toward your eyebrows.

Step 4

Apply red eye shadow, using the crease brush, to the outer corner of each eye, extending outward and upward to the temple.

Step 5

Apply black eye shadow with a crease brush to the outer corner of each eye in an arched, half "C" shape. Blend lightly.

Step 6

Line each lid and waterline with black eyeliner.

Step 7

Use a cotton swab to smudge the eyeliner on your waterline along the lower lashes.

Step 8

Apply natural-looking lashes to the top lash line, following instructions on false-eyelash packaging.

Step 9

Add two coats of mascara to the top lashes.

Complete the Final Details

Step 1

Create an exaggerated arch for each eyebrow with silver paint and an eyeliner brush.

Step 2

Take dark green eyeliner and trace the tail of your eyebrow, extending slightly past the end of each eyebrow.

Step 3

Dip an angled brush lightly into the black eye shadow, making sure to tap off excess shadow. Blend black eye shadow underneath the cheekbones, along the sides of the nose and at the hollow of your temple.

Step 4

Finish the look by lining and filling in lips with dark green eyeliner.

Step 5

Seal lips with a swipe of clear lip gloss.