How to Make a Bib Bouquet

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Baby bibs are a useful, necessary gift to provide an expectant mother. But at baby showers -- where each gift is opened, admired and cooed over -- presentation goes a long way. Baby bibs can be transformed from an ordinary, utilitarian gift into a gorgeous floral-like arrangement that will be talked about all afternoon. With a little extra time and effort, an affordable gift can be made memorable.


Make your gift the talk of the shower by transforming bibs into a beautiful bouquet.
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Things You'll Need

  • Assorted Bibs -- 10 To 12, Various Colors And Sizes

  • Clay Pot, Bucket, Vase Or Clear Wrapping Paper

  • Floral Wire

  • Assortment Of Silk Leaves And Small Silk Flowers

  • Green Floral Tape

  • Wire Cutters


Step 1

Fold each bib in half lengthwise. Then roll it tightly, beginning at the snap.


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Step 2

Place one or two silk leaves or smaller flowers next to the rolled bib. Wrap the bib and leaf stems with floral tape, spiraling around the bib until you cover the bottom half, leaving about 2 inches of bib exposed at the top.

Step 3

Repeat the process with different sizes, shapes and colors of bibs until you have 10 to 12 rolled bibs.



Step 1

Insert a 12-inch floral wire into the base of each rolled bib.

Step 2

Add a larger silk leaf or two next to the floral wire, attaching them with floral tape.


Step 3

Secure the leaves and wire to the rolled bib using additional floral tape. Leave at least 6 inches of bare floral wire extending out from the end of each bib.


Step 1

Gather all the bibs by the wires that are extending from the ends, forming one large bouquet.


Step 2

Wrap floral tape around all the wires, beginning at the taped ends, spiraling around and around until the wires are mostly covered and the bouquet feels secure. Add additional greenery or silk flowers, if desired.

Step 3

Place the bouquet in a tissue-lined clay pot, baby-themed bucket, or sand- or rock-filled vase. Or wrap the arrangement in clear wrapping paper, like a real floral bouquet.


Floral tape is stretchy, so pull on it slightly while wrapping it around items, for best results.

Add one-piece pajamas, socks, burp rags or other cloth items to your bouquet by rolling them in a similar fashion. Large items can be rolled to make a flower bud on each end, taping all the fabric in the middle.

Bouquets can be as large or small as you like. Using 10 to 12 bibs will create a medium-size bouquet.

Use different shades of one color, like pink for a girl. Or use many different colors for a bright, whimsical bouquet.


Floral wires are sharp and require wire cutters to work with. Handle with care.



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